Pixels Not Bombs' FREE Soul Calibur Tournament [MA]

[LEFT]Join PixelsNotBombs and Gamestop in celebrating the release of Soul Calibur V by competing in our FREE Soul Calibur IV tournament for a chance to win some awesome prizes.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]GameStop Braintee[/LEFT]
[LEFT]500 Grossman Dr[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Braintree, MA 02184[/LEFT]
LEFT 843-3009[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Sunday, January 29, 2011[/LEFT]
Registration starts at Noon
Tournament starts at 1:00 p.m.

First Place:
Soul Calibur V Deluxe Edition
$25 Gamestop Giftcard
Pixels Not Bombs T-shirt

Second Place:
$20 Gamestop Giftcard
Pixels Not Bombs T-Shirt

First come, first serve by email

**Directions by MBTA: **

Make sure to stop by our website at www.PixelsNotBombs.com

[]Matches will be 3 rounds. Best 2 out of 3 rounds wins the match. Except for the championship round, which will be best 3 out of 5 rounds.
]All brackets are single elimnation
[]There will be no “Double Blind” selections
]There will be no “Player’s Choice” rules
[]Players have 5 minutes to report to and begin their matches once called. Players will be disqualified if unable to do so.
]It is the player’s responsibity to notify a staffer of the results of his/her match or a dispute on rules.
[]Unless explicitly stated, all DLC characters are NOT allowed
]Unless explicitly stated, button mapping and converters are NOT allowed
[]Standard Xbox 360 controllers will be provided by the even staff, please feel free to bring your own controllers or fight sticks. Keep in mind that staff will not be responsible for any lost/stolen items.
]Every person is responsible for the functionality of their controller. A “button check” may (and should) be asked for prior to every match. If a controller is non-functional or is functioning incorrectly, the player must receive consent from his or her opponent before pausing the match.
[]Pausing or restarting the game/match for any reason except with the consent of the opponenet will result in a forfeit of that particular game/round (whichever is smaller). This includes battery/controller problems
]Any suspicious of cheating or any toll (physical or in-game) used to gain an unfair competitive advantage should be brought to the attention of a judge immediately. Any and all claims of such actions are subject to review and may result in banning and disqualification.
[]Photography of the event and recording of matches is allowed, however, FLASH photography is not allowed during matches, due to obvious concerns of distraction.
]We appreciate everybody that travels and we know that players are just looking for competition. If you inform us of your party, we will do our best to ensure that you do not play each other in the opening round of the bracket (location-based seeding).

Hey there Ladies & Gents, this is the first event that our site is holding and we’re looking forward for to holding more events given the success of the Soul Calibur tournament. However, considering that this is the first time for us, does anyone have any tips or advice. Thanks for checking out the thread and please let others know who might find the even interesting.

Just that you should also post this up on 8wayrun.com if you haven’t already :slight_smile: