Pizza names based on FGs


I’m opening a new local pizza business. I LOVE fighting games, and the FGC, so I thought it would be cool to name the pizza flavors like some of the FGs specials, common terms, characters etc just for fun and to make the people remember more easily their favorite pizza.

So what suggestions do you have if you had to name your favorite pizza flavor with something related to fighting games?. and what ingredients that pizza should have?


Before I give names, I want a contract that entitles me a percentage of profits.


Parryin’ Pepperoni
Sonic Boom Spinach or Spinach Bird Kick
Shoryuken Sausage
Machine Gun Mushrooms
Guy’s Green Bell Peppers
Bison’s Psycho Bacon
Blanka’s Ground Shave Beef

I second regulate’s post.


Ultra deep dish
mixup (self explanatory)
OTG combo (off the grill) combo
double tap into double toss lol
chain combo meals.
this is too easy and none of those infringe on copyright.


Crossover Combination Pizza
Touch of death combo deal
Online Warrior special
Team MSP (Meat sausage Pepperoni)
Champion Edition Breadsticks


custom combo pizza?

pepperyomi pizza. the deepest pizza in the game.


Loving the FGC was your first mistake.


Um, Yoga Inferno Pizza? It would have peppers and pepperoni and what not.


Cammy Tier Pizza


u guys are very creative, i lol’d at some of this names. OTG ?, online warrior? xD

I live in South America but i’d redeem some profits when i start selling shoryuken sausage Kappa


Any pizza with Ultra or Ultimate in the name better be friggin huge.


Get over here chicken wings
Sub zero smoothies


The Wolverine Pizza

The pizza is topped with ham, ham and more ham covered in Swiss cheese, but the customer has to eat it within the first 15 seconds.


The Kayo West

A pizza that looks like your average cheese and pepperoni but upon bite you taste sauce and western peppers hand made by Kromo


jajajajajajaajaja South America? It better not be that racist shithole known as Brazil.


That is James Chen pun tier right there.


Raging Demon Buffalo Wings.


Meaty Attack


The Cross Counter:
An expensive, classy pizza, covered in the finest gourmet cheeses, topped off with caviar and rose petals.


You should make 2 pizza deal of some sort and call it the “Happy Birthday Deal”. You know like when you are killing two characters at the same time in marvel or SG?