Pizza Topping Tier List

Pepperoni Sausage and cheese is the winning combo.

Sliced Sausage is a sleeper A tier, trust me, that’s why I main them. They’ve got some serious untapped potential.

Mushrooms are C tier, but honestly I’m sticking with them as my secondary.

Also, pineapples get no respect, it’s not fair how low their overall priority is. I’m close to calling for a patch.

Of course, Pepperoni has been A tier since day one, is definitely fun, and great for beginners, but a lot of people are tired of seeing it all the time.

But I’m confident things will change soon with Philly Cheesesteak DLC being tournament legal now.

I assumed cheese and tomato were the base of all pizza, or do you mean as extra?

pineapple, chicken, black olives with a bbq base is god tier

Olives, Jalepenos, pineapple, sausage, fresh garlic, spinach, mushrooms, fresh mozzarella, tomato slices, steak.

The rest is a waste of time… and yes, chicken is a fucking waste of time if it’s not a buffalo chicken pizza.
Philly cheesesteak pizza sucks too.

S tier:
-Extra cheese

A+ tier:
-everything else, because there is no such thing as a topping that can make pizza bad

Shoutouts to top tier assists:
-Creamy garlic dipping sauce
-Hot sauce
-Ranch sauce
-Chili flakes
-Cheese-filled crusts

Oh btw we don’t fold pizza in Canada unless the slice is huuuuge.

Cheese and Tomato sauce are toppings? I thought those were standard.

I like the classic extra cheese and pepperoni

Sometimes I have to go with the 3 cheese and steak pizza with red and green peppers and onions

BBQ chicken pizza is okay.
Scoops of ricotta on a white pizza? Win.

Not sure how you can diss pineapple and ham pizza, but it’s better if you switch out ham for pepperoni and bacon and mushrooms.
Sausage depends on quality…good sausage is top…bad sausage is lower than low.
Same problem with chicken.
Canned mushrooms are ass compared to fresh.

grilled chicken, beef, and bacon. That’s an wolvie/dante/akuma tier combo right there

Proper spanish chorizo owns this thread hard. Not of that mexican chorizo on pizza; that stuff looks like a bunny had diarrhea on your pie. If any fellow puertoricans post, they’ll attest to that chorizo.

People put anchovies at bottom tier because they just don’t know. They require high execution and have to have a very particular team built around them, making them the Strider of pizza.

How do you feel about tandoori chicken?

Pesto sauce nowhere on the list? That shit is godly on pizza.

When looking at pizza teams, you gotta look at synergy of the assists also. You got mushroom and sausage at mid tier, but MSP (mushroom, sausage, pepperoni) is clearly a top tier team. Olives are low tier by themselves but you can’t have a supreme without that olive assist.

Mushrooms so low? That’s why yall un-healthy ass nigaas finna die. Margherita pizza>>>>

Pineapples are shit

Its the DLC generation. No one ships a complete pizza anymore. We have to pay for sauce and cheese via microtransactions.

This is one of the greatest fucking posts I’ve ever read, in 8 years of being on
Thank you

I like it, but I don’t know if it has a spot on a pizza.

Before eating white pizzas, I would have thought this funny. Niggas need get in on that cheese pizza with no tomato sauce; some of the combinations are AMAZING.

Shotouts to Transmetropolitan Pizza and Magic Mushroom Pizza in Athens, Georgia for holding it down on the pizza front.

White pizza with feta and spinach and mushrooms for the win.

My dude Pertho is always a few steps ahead on this edible ish.

Fall back with the reds you bunk niggas.

Black olives deserve to be higher tier. And where is my beloved philly cheesesteak?