Pizza Topping Tier List

Olives yes, cheesesteak fuck that.

any pizza “tier list” that has Mushrooms and Spinnach below A tier is not worth reading. This thread is terrible.

Also who the hell puts chicken on a pizza?

Edit on that one, Mellow Mushroom and not Magic Mushroom. Just check this nonsense out:

Look at that Philosopher’s pie: Olive Oil and Garlic base pizza with grilled Steak, Portobello Mushrooms, Artichoke Hearts, Kalamata Olives, Provolone, Feta, and Mozzarella Cheese.

That is so disgusing, it’s like Team Madcatz roster. Just read the ingredients…only thing that can come to mind is Soo Mighty’s Magneto combo with the 4 snapbacks.That’s damn right, take that MvC3 thread comparison out of this pizza thread, we going to keep it adult and dirty: only comparisons to be made are to 2D drawn games. Real talk though, Peperoni hasn’t been top tier in pizza since my balls dropped. Ain’t no grown man should be caught ordering a peperoni pizza just like no grown man should be caught drinking Coors Light, have some damn class.

The problem with that breakdown of the pizza is the fact that it’s fucking godlike and one of the best pizzas they have on the menu lol.

This thread is god like. <3

Nah my dude, I tried several all their pies and all were solid. The most amazing one was Ceasar Salad pizza. That pizza is the Urien of all the pies there because at first you’re all like “Yo, did somebody just drop a salad on my pie?” And then it hits you with setups, more set ups and more set ups. That lettuce on top of it is a mixup that is inescapable. Then you bite and damn, urien dropped them knees on you.

who folds pizza?

edit: new york needs to leave those pizzas alone


All of New York does

Chorizo belongs in God Tier, maybe higher.

You can’t be serious. There is no other way to eat pizza

Bacon mid tier? I am disappoint

This tier thread needs to have an underrated ingredients in pizzas. I’d like to nominate bellpeppers in all the Supreme pizzas everywhere, you guys help the mixture of flavors in great ways.

folding a pizza with thick crust wouldn’t work, and it dosen’t even make sense. eat the pizza the way it was intended to be eaten or oder a calzone/pide

folding pizza must be a northern hemisphere thing. reminds me of the episode of seinfeld where people were eating m&m’s with a spoon and snickers bars with a knife and fork

Crust Tiers:

Iron Chef Morimoto Tier
Deep Dish
Cheese filled
Italian Sausage filled

Emeril Lagasse Tier
Thin Crust
Garlic Bread

“Your Mom Can’t Cook Very Well” Tier
"Every-chain" pizza crust

Already said, it’s a New York thing. Go find that post.

Folding a pizza depends on the size of it. When I was young my parents would eat half the pizza with a knife and fork and then finish it with their hands. If I’m eating at a restaurant and the size is huge, I’ll class it up like that too.

If you are eating pizza at a restaurant, chances are you dont need to class it up at all. If it serves pizza, I wouldnt say it calls for classiness

It is obviously for NY style. How the hell are you gonna fold a deep dish?

Modern pizza is from NYC iirc. So yall are eating it wrong. Italian pizza is truly different. And Bronx pizzerias hold way more weight than the usual.

I don’t think you can tier pizza ingredients by themselves. Some ingredients shoot way up the list with the right assist while some do pretty good on their own.

Speaking of which, I’ve been maining mushrooms for awhile now. What’s the best assist for them?