Pizza Toppings

Peperoni - with chese saliam and pepperoni papers.
Little bit off topic: I try not to eat pizza, where it is baked in infrared ovens, because they are harmful. Pizza made ~ 5 minutes and baked only about 2 minutes … It really is harmful.
Sorry for english language skills :smiley:

Fixed for you. Pizza goes up several tiers for me if it’s properly prepared with olive oil. Bottom tier when the pizza is just a pizza hut oil waterfall they likely don’t use olive oil but yeah


And yes, Meat<Veggies when it comes to pizza toppings.


#3 varies— either nothing at all, or perhaps a 3rd meat like a little bit of bacon…so at any pizza place, I’m going either for a regular pepperoni or whatever their “meat lovers” option is.

*Olives are despicable.
*I love pineapple----but definitely NOT on a damn pizza. That’s as strange to me as putting jelly on a pizza.
*Mushrooms are alright but they’re just barely there… they don’t hit my taste buds enough to be seriously considered.

Mozzarella and fontina
alfredo or some other non-tomato based sauce

Holy shit people, learn to search.

anything cept anchovies.
worst thing you can put ontop of a pizza.
tastes just don’t mesh.

Don’t hate on pineapple on a pizza until you have had it with spam, red bell pepper and red onions.

pepperoni, ham and pineapple

Pepporoni, pineapple, jalapeno, mushrooms, sausage, olives, green bell peppers, extra sauce

I hate when places are stingy with sauce.

Grilled onions, chicken and bacon. With a side of honey bbq sauce. Yes please.

How’s the pizza in Chi-Town?

Really good actually. That deep dish pizza is serious here. I recommend Nancy’s on Irving Park and Elston. Nowhere else can compete.

Margarita is not a Pizza.
Any sort of meat with mushrooms, olives, green bell peppers, red onions and Jalapeños or BBQ Sauce.

^^ this x 10000000000000

I find a lot of places, you can peel back the cheese and toppings, and it’s just bread, a TEENY bit of sauce, and oil. Sauce gotta be dripping off a pizza, it’s one of the best parts of the pizza.

There is a place in my city called Chicago Deep Dish, owned by a guy who met a med student going to school at the University in my city (we have one of the best med schools on the planet, as well as Einstein’s brain!). He wanted her to move to Chicago to live with him, when they fell in love (she came into his pizza place in Chicago at one point, during a trip), but because of her need to go to a specific med school, he decided to move all his shit here. His business is through the roof, and I heard he used to have one of the most popular places in Chicago, before moving:


line ups are literally out the door, and down the street, even during winter. It’s right around the corner from where I live, I should take a pic sometime. Takes over an hour to get a pizza there, thank GOD I can just walk over and grab one.

Dude puts full size meatballs in his pizza’s, too.

Anywho, Pineapple: Fine on certain kinds of pizza’s. With mushrooms, ham, green olives (especially green olives), it’s pretty fucking godlike. You can also just imitate shish kabob ingredients (peppers, chicken, beef, onion, etc).

I don’t really dig deep dish pizza. It’s just way too thick, tends to be a retarded amount of choose and sauce and very little breading. I’m not big on the thin crunchy crust either tho, I like a normal regular pan pizza, as far as thickness goes.

NY-style thin crust >>>>>> Deep Dish

  1. Bacon
  2. Bearnaise
  3. Onion

Thought it would be suspect at best, turned out to be the best pizza I’ve ever eaten.

So what youre saying is you can’t handle the GIRTH?

You sir, understand pizza. You are a gentleman and a scholar.

For me, the bread can make or break a pizza, similarly to a burger/sandwiches. If the crust tastes like ass then the pizza is at best mediocre. A pizza with godlike crust can carry the rest of the ingredients past mediocrity. Reason why i don’t like pizza hut or similar chains, even with stuffed crust or what not the crust tastes horrible.

After all the crust makes up much of the pizza unless it’s deep dish and what not and it better not be tasting like paper.