Pizza vs burger debate thread


I havent had either for a while (as I am vegan, and its been a while), so I think I’ll be good at being a referee if this actually works.
Which is better? And none of this “middle grown” nonsense, one dominates the other so which is it?


Stop making threads.


This is my last for the week, not that ur off topic comment matters much.


Pizza is like a blowjob; even if it’s bad, it’s still good.

I hail from Chicago (the land of pizzas) yet I do not discriminate chain and frozen pizzas, either.

Pizza also played a key role in the development of my dat dere aesthetics. Not srs.


Looking forward to next week’s thread about “Which diet soda do u like best?”




I think we even have one sanctioned vs thread. @angelpalm made it


I dont drink *diet *soda, you trying to tell something about urself? Sorry about whatever happened to make you drink it.


I love Coke Zero doe


Unless you don’t like/are sick of Italian food, I can’t see why anyone would want a burger over a pizza.


Shiiiit. I think I may have to post about my new favorite cake in your other great thread from today!

I hope I’m hungry lol


Double posting in GOAT thread.


That you fucks still never use…


Ok are we done now,I just made myself super fucking hungry.


flagged because this exists:

it negates any need to make debate^

we also need something that negates you from making any stupid threads.


I just had a large Bacon and Cheese Stuffed Crust from Pizza Hut, srs. Playing P4U2 in my underwear now.


With the body mentioning that he doesn’t drink sodas because he’s a vegan.


No vs threads…

Pizza btw…