PK-SF4 Tournament


PK Intertubes presents Pk-Fight Night Feb. 20th

PK Intertubes is having it’s first tournament and it’s going to be a blast. It will start Saturday and will go until a winner can be announced.

Autumn Leaf
432820 Business Park Drive Unit 201
Temecula, CA 92590

Venue fee:

Tournament fee:
$5 for the Winner’s Pot

Saturday - 2 PM

Street Fighter 4


-BYOC (Bring your own controller/stick)
-Button mapping will be allowed. Let your opponent know before the match.
-Pausing during a round results in that player losing that round.
-PS3 versions of Street Fighter 4 will be used.
-Double Elimination Best 2 out of 3 Matches, Finals will be Best 3 out of 5 Matches. Each match will be best 2 out of 3 Rounds.
-Winner keeps the same character. The loser can choose a new character.
-All console characters are tournament legal unless otherwise noted.
-Be on time. If any tournament organizer calls your name, be ready to play. If we have to call you more than five times in one minute increments, you will be disqualified.

Street Fighter IV Singles (PS3 Version)
-Double Elimination Best 2 out of 3 Matches, Finals will be Best 3 out of 5 Matches. Each match will be best 2 out of 3 Rounds. Winner of 1st match must stay as same character loser can change characters if they would like.

Sign up:


Subject to change depending on entrants(Example: Less than 10 entrants winner take all.)
SF4 Singles- 70-20-10


What’s a Temecula.

Is this how shitty the economy has become? Random-ass companies in Temecula trying to rip off SFIV players?


Why so bitter.

Not saying you’re wrong though.


I take offense at that. We’re trying to have some fun. We’ve contacted a few companies to see if we can get some free stuff to give out. There is little to no money to be made here. The space we could afford can only hold a maximum of 30 people. So if it sells out that’s 30*5 = $150. We have the place for 5 hours. You tell me where we can get a place for less than $150 for 5 hours.

Be bitter but if you can’t afford $5 to come and play and have some fun then shut up. We do this for the fun of it. Not for flammers. And the post is wrong, everyone puts $10 into the pot. None of which goes to us.


Don’t worry, I don’t think anyone is gonna come. You see, if you’re a smart company you would have actually done some research on your competition, and you have found that Denjin Arcade is holding a tourney that same day with legendary Japanese players MOV and Momochi in attendance.

Anyway, this is just a heads up, so you can still cancel while you can, I kind of feel a lil bad if you TRULY are doing this for the love of the community and get no turnout.


You may want to change the date considering Sunroute Cup is during this time slot. There’s actually a lot going on in SoCal so time is tough to find. If you guys throw it on a day where nothing is happening, I may come out. I go to Pechanga regularly enough anyways. I could just go gambling after.