Place to buy a Supergun


Looking for a supergun to play my jamma board.
something that outputs rgb or scart or hdmi (rgb/scart for framemeister)
maybe uses undamned usb decoder?
Can someone point me in the right direction I saw jamma nation x doesn’t make em anymore
seems like most people got it from there
any resources would help me out!


@“Jasen Hicks” makes them, but he closed down for deployment for the rest of the year. I would check out his superguns when he reopens tho next year. But he can probably point you into the right direction on resources and other things relating to them.


I think he’ll be sold out for the next few weeks though. The mini-din RGB out can be connected directly to the framemeister if you want.


seems like a supergun downtime going on right now :s


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Not sure if he’s taking orders right now but you can have your supergun customize to your liking. I’ve heard great things about his superguns, i bought other arcade stuff from james & is all top notch stuff!


A SuperGun is a colloquial term coined by a early Asian made device that allows Arcade games to be played at home. A SuperGun is a device used to play arcade games in lieu of requiring a full arcade cabinet.
Most Arcade main boards typically are designed to be used in a universal design, often using the Jamma standard. The supergun provides this universal interface in a greatly reduced size, allowing arcade games to be tested or enjoyed without needing the entire cabinet. Most Superguns ether convert the Arcade board’s RGBs output to a NTSC composite video, S-video, Component Video or VGA signals or send those RGBs signals to a dedicated outside video converter/ video processor like the Framemeister Mini.


superguns are awesome, I was gonna get one from ebay but I lost the bid


Building your own Supergun is not that hard, but it is tedious work.
Wiring up a full Jamma harness, all 56 wires can be alot of work.

The critical part is keeping track of all the voltage lines including the mains voltage (100v to 220v) straight.
You do not want mains voltage going to your arcade board.

The other question is housing for your supergun once you are done.

The alternative for boads like Atomswave, Neo Geo, CPS2 and such is consolization. Basically turning that Arcade board into a stand alone Console of sorts.


Check out Windy Gaming. They are putting some together for real cheap. They use db15 connectors though so you will need Undamned’s decoders.



You don’t need Undamned’s decoders per say, you can wire up a stick for DA-15 (often called incorrectly as DB-15) very easily.
What great about a stick that supports DA-15 out is you don’t even need a PCB, just wire the buttons and joystick straight to the cable.

Undamned’s decoders are useful for if you want to use a existing stick that works via USB.

Looking at windygaming now, $250-$300 is cheap for a Super Gun.
Considering how tedious all of the wiring is, I seen superguns easily go for $500+.

Although their sticks are really highly priced for what they are.


I’d contest that if you’re going to tote a supergun to tournaments for people to play on, or you’re expecting meetups at your house with a lot of players, DB15 is a bad way to go, and you do need to get UD-USB. Otherwise, DB15 is fine. But to reflect similar to Darksakul, you can actually wire up superguns easily to accept both forms of input.


I didn’t consider the tournament side of super guns, but then again thats a whole different can of worms.
For tournaments I suggest going with a Consolized Arcade board and limit the number of items you have to carry.

UD-USB are great for many things, including NEO GEO hardware
you will need Neo Geo compatible extension cables for the UD-USB to fit with the deeper Neo Geo controller ports


Well, here in Toronto, we have a couple guys with pure superguns that are running multiple games on it from different hardware. So the same superguns we use for ST also need to run stuff like Windjammers, so they’re necessary.

If all you care about is CPS2 games, or even Neo Geo, then just get a consolized version.


excellent post, i giggled


I’ve been trying to gradually build a supergun for the last couple of months.
its one of the most agonizing things iv ever done
its alot of learning beyond basic arcade stick modding, especially since i went a complex route with it.


Im also looking to get a supergun. a UD-CPS2 Supergun would be ideal, but I doubt thats going to happen anytime soon. a HAS would be fine too. any idea where to get the UD-USB converters?


Arcade cabs are pretty affordable now, what would be the point of getting a supergun? You will be playing on a shitty lcd widescreen, w/ possible lag & no scanlines. Might as well just mame it.


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