Place to buy Motorola 68010 CPU?

I’m looking for a link to where I could buy 1-5 new Motorola 68010 CPUs, hopefully cheap?

I’m having a heck of a time though, usually when I am trying to find components I just ebay search and buy, but I cannot for the life of me maneauver these electronics retail sites…help? I dunno if they’re even manufactured anymore.

According to , they aren’t manufactured anymore. They came out in '82!

They have others in the 680X0 family, but not the 010’s. Wikipedia says they werent very popular when they came out.

You’re best bet is to hit the sites that take quotes for parts. You request a quote for however many you wanna buy, and they send you a price back. Honestly, they may not even want to deal with you for only 5 pieces. You may not find the chips directly on ebay, but you can probably find older Macintosh and Amiga systems that have them, and get those to scavenge instead. Not totally cheap, but doable.

Outta curiosity, whatcha making/fixing?

I’m working on the mother of all Genesis systems… upgrade the 68000 to a 68010 (around 10% faster with few losses in compatibility), I finished dremeling and installing the switches for Japan/USA/Euro and 50hz/60 hz, gonna wire them for functionality tommorow. Then working on overclocking, improved audio and video…
This guy has 1 or two.