Place to purchase custom joystick

Aside from Arcade in a box is there any other online sites offering a similar service, nothing against them I’m just hoping to find something a little quicker, thanks in advance.

Have you tried the trading outlet?

Are you fucking serious…

There’s a whole trading forum here with people making custom sticks.

He can’t go in the trading outlet, no 09 members can yet.

elitericerocket, go easy on the newcomers. Unlike you, he can’t go and post in the trading outlet. Chill out, you were once new too.

You can still go in the trading outlet, just not post, if I’ve read correctly. Anyways I guess I’ll be nice.

Finkle is probably my top recommendation for custom stick builders.

he can see the trading outlet he just cant post there.

i would recommend emailing kaytrim or lucking out on the norris site.

Depending on how customized you want it to be, a very easy and reliable way is to pick up a SFIV TE Stick or HRAP and mod the hell out of those.

That is still my preferred way. :slight_smile:

Cheaper too.

Ugh I pre-ordered my TE from Amazon and it ended up being backordered. : (

True, but not the way current ebay prices are. :sweat:

Kaytrim’s building me one right now. Looks like it’s coming out well. He’s very easy to talk to.

Elitericerocket: I have a PS3 TE I may be selling when my custom comes in. I’ll let you know.

check stickys, theres a section about buying custom ones and it provides links

I believe bthai is referring to this sticky-ed thread:

Also, as a new user let me warn you that you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble (and hurled insults) if you utilize the Search function or do some huntin’ before starting a thread. :slight_smile:

problem is that most of these guys can’t post in the trading forum and most of the custom builders are probably too swamped to answer pm / emails



Yeah Swampjoe’s astute: Most builders are up to their asses in alligators right now.

You’ll probably be able to find a custom stick easier (and cheaper) in a month or two when the SF fever dies down. Heck, Killzone comes out on Friday… maybe that’ll divert the PS3 masses.

Kaytrim has some amazing cases for sale. I would highly recommend picking one of them up, and either doing the rest of the work yourself, or getting someone to install the rest.

Yeah, if you’re into purple or green I know Kaytrim has two AMAZING cases in those colors.