Place ya bets!1!1 official reveal sidebet thread!

started this to seperate the clutter. place and discuss ur bets for character reveals here make sure to say ur rules and conditions of winning and losing!!


Bet: The next character to be revealed is…?
…Namor - by General Gouken
…Strider - by Robo-Mitsu
…Venom - by Jocelot
…Sigma - by RestlessMonarch
Date signed: 25 Oct 2010

STIPULATION: To win, the character must be the next reveal/batch of reveals after signed date;
Winner(s) of bet choose avatar(s) for looser(s);
chosen avatar must be worn for one month after bet is lost;
If all 4 bets are incorrect, all participants will wear an avatar with all of the choices Troll Faced until one of the bets is revealed to be correct, at which time the bet stipulations will be met;
If none of these bets is proven true by the release date of Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Tombstone avatars will replace the Troll Faces for 1 month.

Additional Ruling: Jocelot win forces loosers to stop the use of KFC references for a month; Jocelot loss initiates Jocelot into the use of KFC references for a month
-Bet: The next character to be revealed is…?


Bet: All these characters are in the final roster…
…Marvel side:

Howard The Duck

Capcom side:

Strider Hyriu
Frank West
Red Arremer

  • by Shinjojin
    Date signed: 26 Oct 2010

STIPULATION: To win, all the characters on your list must appear in the game’s final roster;
the looser(s) will have the emote pic as avatar for 2 months;
“I’ve lost, I suck at life, I fail at life, my friends’ fail at life, Jesus hates me, the whole world hates me, and finally I will never get laid ;_;” also becomes looser(s) sig for 2 months.
-Bet: All these characters are in the final roster


Bet: So Haggar will be the next reveal…?
…No - by Windsagio
…Yes - by Jet Set Dizzy
Date signed: 01 Nov 2010

STIPULATION: To win, you have to be correct about Haggar being/not being the next reveal after signed date;
looser(s) must put MvC3 tier list in signatuer;
-Bet: So Haggar will be the next reveal…?


The next Capcom villain revealed will be a Megaman villian
…Yup, Sigma or bust- by G.O.T
…No Sigma or Wiley - by Windsagio
Date signed: 01 Nov 2010

STIPULATION: To win, Sigma will/wont be the next reveal;
If Sigma is NOT next villian, “Megaman X For MvC3!” becomes looser(s) signature;
If Sigma is next villian, “Mega Man X-The Day of Sigma” becomes looser(s) signature.
-The next Capcom villain revealed will be a Megaman villian

For anyone who just wants to make a bet (without personal arrangement). If you loose, then you have to use this avatar (customized with your handle) for 2 months (or until the next batch of reveals whichever comes first. If you actually win, then I’ll make you a custom MvC3 avatar.

onionsunleashed - Seth’s beard for Final Boss.*
got Potential - C. Viper
Sylari - Mags (win)
Kef - Zero
BlueBlazes - Mags (win)
DarkMake724 - Mags (win)
Blackapino - Monster Hunter
IntelliHealth - reboot Dante

And yes, this shizz is sponsored by

*Will continue until the final boss is revealed.

i didnt know we had like permissions on making a thread i think this is worthy of its own thread? and loser should change their sig to i :love: reboot dante and i would let edward :360::3p: me in bed!!!

This is MvC3 and not SFIV, we’re stricter with threads here so I was wondering if having a separate thread for this would be okay or if keeping it in the speculation thread is enough.

seth killians beard will be revealed as final boss

This is mildly amusing. I hope Preppy keeps it around.

Well, looks like someone wants their avatar real bad.

There are some sig bets going too :smiley:

Can someone just list all the bets going on so we can keep track of the winners and losers?

i feel pretty confident that his beard will be the final boss it makes the most sense to me. if some reason hes not in i guess ill use the avatar

lol that was the whole point of this thread but imm to lazy to search through someone list em or msg me em ill edit my top post to show em

I have a sig bet on reveals at nycc (4 vs 6) with deadpoolfan, a she-hulk v ms. Marvel avatar bet with intelli, and a ‘for reals’ bet with Erictwist on Roll vs. Zero which I won’t win.

God, when they’re listed out, it sounds like I have a problem.

Me vs denshuu

juggernaut gets revealed at nycc

winner = 1 month premium

loser = colonel sanders avatar

So, should I cook up a DantEdward avatar with Windsagio on it?

Y’all mean to tell me there were no loosers the last time y’all were doing bets; I don’t recall seeing signature changes for those who lost bets last time.
You people are going to need to keep to the rules of beting to make it legit.

I don’t know what he wants, I’m gonna make him a furry one if I win :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit; I changed my sig when I lost :stuck_out_tongue:

The other guy just fled the forum

I thought the DantEdward was the agreed upon one for everyone?

Who’s actually betting in here though?

And if I take a bet against you and lose d3v, how long would I have to keep that avatar for?

Wait, since when am I part of this. All I did was make the avatar that everyone seemed to be wanting in the Speculation thread.

Ours was before that, but what the hell, I’ll go along. ;D