Place ya bets!1!1 official reveal sidebet thread!

I ain’t no player. Just the executioner so to speak.

For those who want to bet and don’t have a personal arrangement with anyone, how about a mandatory 2 months with a personalized DantEdward avatar. I’ll up the ante (and act as the house) by making MvC3 avatars for those who do win. Off course, if you do have a personal arrangement, then this doesn’t apply.

haha i know ill win you just wait and see seths beard final boss

D3v, you should add ‘MvC3 bookie’ to your sig :stuck_out_tongue:

You know it’s Mahvel when people are placing bets even on character reveals.

would you mind making a Premium sized colonel sanders avatar for the loser of our bet?

There’s Cancels, then there’s KFC.

Sound good. I would like to have MvC3 avatar if i win.

Windsagio, since I am going to bet my avatar space for She-Hulk so I am curious how long I have to wear this? (I am willing to wear the avatar until MvC3 release date or until I have to redeem myself for next reveal. :P)

Kusho, mind to edit your OP with all of the bets so it is easier to keep track of all bets?

Until next set of reveals, imo… Seems like a good standard.

Lmao! Looks good…

Can we do character ability reveal bets? If so, I bet that X becomes one of the best rushdown characters in the NYCC build.

I also bet either Volnutt or Megaman Classic will be revealed at NYCC, and the “epic” thing is the final boss reveal.

If I win it all, whoever takes the bet needs to rock an X-23 Avatar with the tagline “Haters Gonna Hate”. I lose it all, I’ll change my sig to YIFF YIFF YIFF, or something. If we split, we do both.

Fuck I want to use that now, can you try to fit that on a non-premium somehow?

No stealing avatars! :stuck_out_tongue:

d3v you think you could put a boarder on it? Using like the blue, white and creamish colours in the image? You know what I mean…

ok, did ANYONE ELSE think of the song from Jet Set Radio when they read the thread title?

Yes. Gos bless you sir.

ill bet C Viper gets announce really soon(possible announcement for the build after NYCC). I think everyone forgot about her. If its not her, then maybe Cap will return.

That avatar is kinda nice (no homo).

updated to show some of the current bets on page 1

I’ll bet with someone that MODOK gets revealed. I’ll bet my avatar (as much as I love my Pres. Cyclops). Whoever takes up my bet can choose what to replace my avaar with.

Okay, since three people want my bet, if you guys agree, you can have it, but I’m going to change the conditions of the bet a little.

Juggernaut gets revealed at NYCC.

If I win = I buy my self 1 month Premium and wear the avatar
If I lose = I buy you guys 1 month Premium and you guys wear the avatar

You guys double down plus one bargin bucket?

No more entrants on the bet.

I am down for the KFC av yo dead ass