Place your bets!


I am not the uploader of this however am quite curious to see who wins.

My money is on Yun

seth i think

this… this may work…

jk this is stupid dawg

Work for what?
If you mean this would not give an accurate representation of tier lists etc… I don’t think that is the intention.
I believe its just for fun.

yo, it would work just fine.

to bad it won’t tho…

it’s a good idea, however i don’t envision people, if anyone watching all 40 AI matches, i’d personally just record top 4 & just keep us up to date via this thread as to match results.

Nice idea though, sounds fun. I’ll play the odds & say Zangief or T-Hawk will win. (I think stamina wil be the factor in this) Also do you have a larger pic of that tournement structure, it is hard as hell to see

For once Charlie Murphy says something I half assed agree with. This might show whose AI was designed to be more dynamic…for shits n’ giggles.

I would say adon

Who’d win, who’d win… Depends on what archetype’s AI is a bigger b*tch.

Grappler AI cheats the most though. So I say Abel. He has instant unbuffered command throws, escape rolls that the AI blatantly refuses to throw him out of, a great armor-breaking overhead special (though DP characters will outcheat that move with how psychic they are). He’s very solid overall and has a nice health and damage.

His ultras may suck though, since AI fireballers don’t engage in ranged combat unless beyond jumping range.

Tiers don’t matter here, Yun won’t win. I’m 90% sure of that. AI’s don’t fail against frame traps, whenever you try one, they just counter-ultra in your face. The palm though…it’s so ridiculous it might even mindf*ck the AI itself, lol.

I’d rather place bets on headless chickens.

This has baffled me

I dunno, I’ll just say Zangief.