Places to eat while at EVO?


this is my first time to EVO, can any regulars or vegas locals recommend where is good to get eats during the day so you dont have to stray too far from the venue? i assume theres places to get food inside the hotel as well right?

any recommendations?

PS. im on a budget :smiley:

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Stay away from Caesars.
Right across the street there’s a small Casino names Oshea’s that has a couple of fast food restaurants with normal prices.


In-N-Out Burger if you don’t live on the West Coast/Texas (Houston area). Take advantage of this if you like burgers.


Right across the street from the Casino there is another casino called the “Excalibur” that has a “McDonald’s”, Krispy Kreme, a decent buffet that is more reasonably priced that “Caesar’s Palace”, Cafeterias, etc…


There’s an In N Out near Caesars? What other types of fast food places are there? I am also on a budget.

EDIT: Nvd ^^^


Excalibur is not across the street from Caesar’s.
It’s actually located towards Tropicana avenue nearby the MGM.


Oh yeah -_- It’s been a while. lol

It’s not that far though, is it?


screw the rest, im eating donuts all weekend lol. fucking LOVE krispy kremes.


I think the ‘In-N-Out’ is a tad bit removed from there. If I recall, you have to go to the end of the strip and then make a right to cross the freeway or something.


Yes! :smiley: I wholeheartedly concur. There’s nothing like a nice, glazed artery clogger down your throat. :smiley:


Screw that lol, I’ve been spoiled enough by having a INO a block from my house.

McDs it is then.


I don’t know about any of you guys, but my friends and I are planning to go to the Carnegie Deli in The Mirage for some overstuffed sandwiches.


O’Sheas is closed or closing but there are plenty of places nearby. There is a hash house agogo at the imperial palace and if you dont have a vehicle you can just roam the casinos and find places to nosh. Also chinatown is nearby (west of Cesars and the I-15) and there are tons of places to eat there for relatively cheap. Try not to eat crap all weekend! It is possible to eat decent food on a budget. Hell, you can even get a players card at the casino (if you’re of age) and do some of those all day buffet passes for under $30 and eat all day for that price. Remember it’s hot as balls in Vegas in July and the strip is designed so things look close together but from the Stratosphere to Mandalay Bay it’s 15 miles so keep that in mind when you are talking about “a quick walk across the street” from the venue.


What O’Sheas is closed? Where am I going to get Burger King & beer pong in one place?!

Speaking of food and drinks, where are the cheap drinks at besides slots and blackjack? Lots of drinking involved for the vacation, would like to get wasted on a budget.


How the fuck can a casino with a midget dressed as a leprechaun close!?


Bills Gambling Saloon (formerly the Barbary Coast), Hell most of the coast casinos, The Rio, Stratosphere all have cheap drink specials… Also, even though it’s not super cheap put on a collared shirt and visit the Cosmopolitan or take a walk around Aria. Very nice properties… Don’t worry about alcohol, you can get cheap alcohol anywhere here. If you arent afraid of going downtown you can get majorly wasted for cheap off freemont street. We also have a Drag bar/Bowling alley downtown which is awesome if you are into that sort of thing. Be sure you have a DD or take the bus please!


can you get those even if you dont plan on gambling? $30 a day for food is great you cant argue with that since a mc Ds would be what 8 dollars or so.


doesn’t McDs still have a dollar menu? I’m planing on taking plenty of water with me.


The Cosmopolitan is nice. I actually have a suite booked there for evo. If you don’t mind a bit of an excursion and are of age, Yardhouse has a ridiculous number of beers to choose from. Also, getting a players card and doing the all day eating is always a good idea. Anyone know of a place that has great breakfasts/killer mimosa’s?


I remember fucking LOVING the bellagio buffet.