Places to play 3s in Kyoto?



I’m going to a conference in Kyoto (first time in Japan!), just wondered if you guys knew the arcades to play 3s?



A-cho is worth checking out even if its dead. Cool and historic game center!


If you can snag a train over to DenDen Town in Osaka, there’s a Taito Center there with a number of Nesica setups.
The place was boomin when I was there - Summer 2014.

I got to see Komoda play Super Turbo.
They had 3S cabinets too, though that’s not my game so I didn’t play.

This is where you wanna go:

You want to take the Sakaisuji train line to the Ebisucho station.
Walk from there, like 3-4 blocks.

Also this: