Places to play in san diego

im visiting here from denver until thursday and was looking for some places to play. its mt first time in S.D. and dont know where or if there are any good arcades or people to play for 3’s, CvS, or super turbo. any help would be great. thanks.

im in sd, im down to play 3s anyday from 7 - whenever. check your pms.

ill be playing CVS tomorrow at chula vista mall “TILT” tomorrow around 5-6, i’m a decent A-groover. swing on by if you get the chance.

CvS! its kinda far for me but i will try to figure out a bus or something.

yea, me and “p groove DAN” gonna be down there, we’re probably the only comp down here in southern San Diego. sticks works pretty good at chula vista mall, we know the guys that work there, so we can tell them to fix it if anything goes wrong.

as for 3s and turbo, i dont think ANY arcades down here in SD have any working machines for those two games, SD arcades are fucken poor.

boomers in vista has a pretty good 3s machine. im gonna be there today at 330 til whenever

nickel 3s is 100% right now also.

i found a tilt in mission vally yesterday that had CvS2. why doesnt anyone play there? there where a couple of cool kids hanging out there.

i randomly play there sometimes. some good comp like this crazy azn guy that looks liek this @_@. let me know when u cruise there and if im available ill go play.

we call that azn guy, FATAL FURY… foo is kinda ODD. :looney:

AND…we don’t play there, cuz the sticks sucks balls, and when something breaks, the foos that work there will be like “iono, i dont have a screw driver or spare parts”…and i say, “how the fuck do you run an arcade without spare parts”…they just shrug their shoulders and thats it.

he is kinda odd. i talked to him once tho he speaks english. his play style is much more entertaining than half the fools that play there. like that middle eastern looking dude who turtles or does jump back fierce kick just to win. pretty gay.

Just to clear this up this dude is not me, although fatal fury IS my sn in this forum.

sticks there DO suck ass. i know im not a cvs2 player at all but i shouldnt lose to anyone there imo.

how hard is short short super???

exactly. fuck those sticks.

ya im gonna agree that mission fails at cvs2. i heard from gabe they put in new marvel sticks though…

i won in cvs2 with those sticks… theyre not perfect, but decent enough to kill. ;]


Thats cuz you’re the matt! can beast on any sticks! :woot:

went there yesterday… and i would now like to agree with you. still got some wins in, but messed up a lot. sometimes i couldnt block, or the light punch/kick went out. but most comp 2nd to mission i think, and they’re pretty funny.

not going there for a while unless someone posts =] cya guys


How’s the third strike action in Nickel City on Friday and Saturday?

I’m from LA but I got a friend who lives in San Diego and sometimes I go down to SD and visit him on the weekends. Last Saturday my friend and I went to Nickel City for the first time to check it out the third strike set up. It was around noon and obviously there was no one playing third. The set up is not that bad. Its actually really good. The controllers work and everything and it is in a showcase cabinet. Plus being able to have six games per dollar (Ya I know there is a two dollar entrance fee) is not bad at all.

So my question again is how is the third strike competition on Friday nights and Saturday nights? How is the competition on Saturday afternoons? And are they open till midnight on Friday and Saturday?

Since I’m from LA where there are like more than three scenes, I want to see how tough San Diego is when it comes to third strike. Are there any other places for third strike competition besides Nickel City? I prefer Nickel City however because its cheaper and we could get as many games as possible for our money.

Hey man no one really goes to nickel unless you see people post up and say they are going.

I’m down to go most Friday’s or Saturday’s because I live like 5 mins away.

ps. Nickel is the only arcade in SD with a working 3s.

That’s cool. That’s good to know. I’ll post the next time I’m in SD. Look forward to it.