Places to play in Tokyo?


Last time I was in Japan in 2007, I played at Shibuya Kaikan. I’ve heard that place is now gone. Does anyone know where the top players like BAS play these days, if at all?



I know some play at Gamespot Versus. Least they stream tournaments for it online sometimes.


They do play it at Versus sometimes, but if you go on the wrong day it’s not even running. I go there for 3S sometimes, and usually none of the machines are running it. Compared to 3S (a game most people consider dead) I think it’s fallen off the map. Unless there’s some place I don’t know about that does regular events for it.


Thanks for the info. It is really unfortunate to hear, but I’m not sure what I was really expecting, considering CvS2 was nearly dead 10 years ago. :frowning: