Places to play in Toronto/GTA?


No luck finding any nice places in the Toronto area to play, anyone know of any?


There is still a very small community of friends who play in Toronto. Some folks show up to A&C games and play 3s on random Wednesday’s or Friday’s as well. Been a while since I’ve visited there. If you send me a PM I can arrange a time to meet at A&C so we can get some games in. If we’re lucky some other A&C regulars who like 3rd Strike will come play with us.


Sure that could be fun! I’ve never been to A&C but have been meaning to check it out. I suppose over there the games are on xbox/ps3?

There has to be a cab floating out there somewhere!


Yeah over at A&C we would have to play with Xbox/PS3 and probably on low lag LCD too which adds to the problem but it’s a place to start. There is at least one head to head jap cab close to Toronro but it’s a bit of a trip.


Oh, where is that head to head cab located?


It’s in Whitby with my original 3rd Strike buddy. We used to play in Toronto around the first year or two of Online Edition. Then he bought a house in whitby and nobody else had room to house the Versus City cab :-/


Aside from A&C, there isn’t really a place to play any of the older games. There are other places similar to A&C around the GTA but they’re mainly focused on playing SF5.


Should have my portable CPS3 setup ready soon, hopefully!