Plagarism ; ?>

look familiar.?

it was from a japanese artist’s site;

it’s in the 2001 gallery. hmm, i thought you stole it… i’m still not sure. this artist has a lot of good stuff n i don’t think they would need to plagerize. what’s your url?

shout out to bara-chan on Gaia for finding this.


the resemblence is uncanny.
btw… this situation is pretty harsh, shure is a coincidence…right?

this site is pretty cool. too bad it isnt in english.

Mega ultra weird. Her right leg is painted in the same digital fashion with the same stroke. Like i said weird…

The image was done way back in high school…I took the original pic and modified it, a friend had told me he submitted some work of mine to the contest but totally chose the wrong image to send. When it was printed it was grouped with SFMCs pic and I had messaged about the goof because I did not want SFMC to be associated with the image if the original was found…Which it has, but I’m gonna end it here. I didn’t want to say anything before since I’m pro now and totally didn’t want to have plagurist/copier on my rep now that I’ve gone pro. Sorry for that…that shit is old and should stay buried.

I think this is a very good thing that you come and tell us the truth Mouko.

And let’s call this an end now and move on, shall we?

WTF i just read this morning you didn’t know who the artist was and you were saying people always try to steal your art work. now you edit to confess? thats fucked up man, i feel like kicking your ass. people like you are the ones whose going to fuck it up for everyone else. what kind of pro are you stealing other people shit. udoneko, don’t give this fake bastard shit.


i have to agree with sweet, u had two posts that u deleted stating your innocence.

but whatever i dont really care, i just think it should be pointed out.

What SF pic are you guys comparing this too. I want to see.


one of the winners @ the back of sf #5