Plain and simple: i am sanwa flash interesting

looking for a sanwa flash. willing to pay up to 200$.


Not sure on the status of this one, but it doesn’t say sold, soooo…

Good luck, thugnificent.

ya i pm’ed him multiple times. no answer. odd.

I have one that’s brand new, comes with standard dust cover, flash stick, 5 and 3 pin harnesses, green balltop.

missing the flash 1 sticker.

PM me if you’re interested.


Damn man, all this Sanwa flash things makes me interesting, see? now im sanwa flash interesting yay. :woot:

no, seriously now, you mean $200, shipped, or $200 + shipping? i got a friend that i think have one, so if he still have it, i can tell him that you are Sanwa Flash intereting, and then ill let you know.

anyways good luck.

200 shipped if absolutely brand new with every single item