Plan on learning rose for ae 2012

yup wanted to learn a new character and picked rose lol
anyone wanna add me and show me a few things my GT is foxdemon3392

cr.Mp all day.

hehe, just read the forums and keep playing.

Im a chun-li player, and im going home for christmas and will be teaching my little bro this game and he wants to learn rose. so these forums have beena gold mine of ideas and strateies to focus on. all day is the first good bit of advice everyone should pick up. then of course well spaced df+mk slide. not to mention getting your st mk poke into your game quickly. for my bro as a beginner i think combos are less important than learning the basics of the game, patience, anti-airing. punishing, teching, spotting crossups etc.

I’m in the same boat. Picked her up a couple weeks ago. And while I was in no ways familiar with her, I can already sense the improved potential.

Add me anytime on XBL for some matches. ;D

i think we played yesterday shippoz…gt is iamthetormentor lets play again. i was using rose and sakura probably.

hey, I picked up rose a about 2 months ago… Would love to have some other rose sparing partners…
myxbox live is raidmax65