Planet Cyber ~ FGC Casuals (canoga park/west hills California)

Thought of starting an offline scene near my area and I found this place called “Planet Cyber”

It’s an Internet cafe with a bunch of PC setups for people who like to play moba games and WoW mainly, however they do have console setups as well. Rather than take a chance with there setups, I decided on bringing my own minus the tv. I was very skeptical with their line of TVs since they had a random assortment of TVs there so the first thing I wanted to test out was the offline ms delay to see if it was playable. I’m pretty darn picky. After setting up my Xbox and playing a good hr of AE, I was convinced that it was acceptable and it ran just as good as my tv setup at home.

Anywho, without prattling on too much, I’m looking for people who are interested in leveling up their game with a real offline community. Whether you play tournaments or are just a casual player trying to learn, I welcome you to stop on by and grab a few games with me and hopefully other people.

You don’t have to worry about money as I’m buying the time( at least for my setup). I have 2 sticks, do you can leave yours at home if you want to. I also have 2 normal Xbox remotes. One if which had a transforming d-pad if you’re a pad player. The sticks are both hori vx sa sticks. One is full Sanwa and the other has a Sanwa jlf and seimitsu buttons. Both are balltop.

However, you’re welcome to bring your own stick.

I have practically every traditional fighting game worth playing on my Xbox with the exception of the older king of fighters games. The list is as follows

AE 2012
Sf x t 2013
Tekken tag 2 (I’m absolute trash)
3s OE
Skull girls (I’m absolute trash)
Ssf2t HDR
Kof 13 (Im garbage)
Dark stalkers rev
Avatar fighter online (For the lolz)
St Bruno high (for the lolz)
Battle fantasia
Marvel vs Capcom Origins
Marvel vs Capcom 2
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
Blazblue continuum shift (absolute trash and I don’t have the latest bb)
Mk9 (I’m absolute trash)
Injustice (I’m okay at this)

I think that’s about all the games I have worth mentioning but I always carry all my games so if I missed out something it’s probably in my case.

I’ll definitely be there Fridays and Saturdays every week. All you got to do is show up. This is my schedule until otherwise noted



As for the order of games, it’ll simply be the bigger interest at the time amongst the players. I’ll be the guy who has two sticks in his table awaiting new challengers and hopefully some new buddies along the way.

I don’t know how big or small this will be but if it starts to get too big, I would expect someone else to rent another tv and bring their setup as I will only pay for the entire day for one setup.

If you live around the area or just interested in getting in some games, feel free to stop on by at this address

6911 Topanga Canyon Blvd Los Angeles CA 91303

It’s across the street from canoga park high school and the major cross streets are topanga canyon and vanowen. If you see a in n out, you’re pretty close. It’s also near Westfield shopping center, but just GPS the address above and you should be good to go.

Hope to see some of you guys there! If you got any questions, just hit me up here or in my inbox

Yo man i might meet up with you out there next weekend. I’m a total scrub, still learning though.

Sounds good. Doesn’t matter if you’re good or bad. Everyone learns at some point. I won’t be there tonight(friday) though. I got scheduled for work early the next day, but I’ll be there on Saturday around 5:30pm

Is this going to happen this week?

I’d be down! Have to bear with my skills though.