Planet Hulk animated movie coming out Feb. 2nd

Thanks to Joe the Condor for providing the link to the teaser-

Art is OK IMO, but the fights look really interesting. Hulk seems a bit more emo in this one as opposed to the pissed off ‘who’s head do I rip off next?’ characterization he had in the book, but that’s just prob. because of the scenes they’ve shown.
Comes out in February, looking forward to it and hoping it’ll be as violent and bloody as Hulk vs.

This looks AWESOME. Here’s hoping for a really pissed off World War Hulk sequel.

Planet Hulk is the best comic series of this decade so I am quite excited to see how this turns out.

looks promising indeed

I really hate this aspect to it, didn’t they do this already in Hulk Vs Thor? Walking around making small talk isn’t how I ever would have perceived Hulk.

I will be checking this out.

In Hulk Vs Thor Banner was seperated from Hulk.

Planet Hulk was about what happens when Banner and Hulk are in agreement and their personalities are basically merged.

If you haven’t read it yet, go do it.

I’m now officially hyped on this movie. Hell I’d even watch a World War Hulk movie if its made.

Fuck why so far off in February. Can’t wait for them to do Infinity Gauntlet which is confirmed to being made.

Word?? where did you hear that?

Hulk better be PISS

sounds awesome

Fuck yes. Fuckity fuck fuck yes. This looks like the Marvel animated feature I’ve been waiting for.

that be awesome

wtf? really?

planet hulk looks interesting…the art style reminds me of an artist i used to like alot but i think he quit comics.

Wow February’s getting here real fast huh guys? ;3

Looks like it’ll be quite exciting! Can’t wait.

So where’s the trailer?

An Infinity Gauntlet movie would be the greatest movie ever!! :love:

Trailer here


Who was that super-strong chick who Hulk tangled with in the trailer? Was she in the comic (which I missed, btw)?