Planet Puzzle League Matchmaking

You know the deal. Post up your friend codes, exchange strats, or anything PPL related.

Let’s go with the usual format when it comes to posting FCs:

SRK Handle - PPL Handle - FC - Location - Time You Play

RetroKid - Ocho Cinco - 0001-0225-8857 - New York, NY - 12:00 pm-1:00 pm EST
quiche - 1117-7086-3746
mastermind - magnetic :mad: - 1761-9550-7285
Bear Ryoma - Magashi - 2835-7007-1071 - Canada
wepeel - wepeel - 3866-4904-9999 - South Korea (Seoul Timezone)
HellSap - Nightish - 2535-0535-0185 - Oregon
GRITZ - GORDI - 279276- 945865 - Miami, FL - 9:00 pm-12:00 pm EST
Overworld - Snow - 253507 - 217857 - GA - After 8 pm

I’ll update the FC list whenever I can, but I am a lazy fuck, so I encourage anyone else to update it for me.

Add my name Magashi - Canada to that FC there, dood because this sh!t

… gonna go well.:rock:

wepeel - wepeel - 3866-4904-9999 - South Korea (Seoul Timezone)

don’t be limited, OG pad players…after 5 minutes of using the stylus, I’ve already become a better player due to the sheer speed at which I can improvise chains…i’ll try to upload a video sometime

I’ve used the stylus, and I still don’t like it. I feel that it sucks out a lot of the challenge to the game. If it helps you play better, then that’s great. It’s just not my cup of tea. To each his own.

Now, on to some strategy talk. Check out for some tricks to improve your game. It’s by far the best (and possibly only) Puzzle League site on the Internet.

And one more thing: I suggest posting up the usual time of the day that you play online, so it makes finding a friend easier. I’m usually on at 12:00 am - 1:30 am EST.

Ok so I made a youtube account and posted one of my videos. I tried to put my own commentary on it but it’s pretty much useless ehehe…need to practice that. But anyway you can kinda see the speed at which I am able to “wing it” and create chains because of the speed of the stylus…honestly, I don’t see myself ever going back to pad…


I also bought a usb Wifi adaptor. I should be playing at around 12 pm Seoul time…I think that’s 8 pm PST, 12 am EST…

Nice vid homey!
My girl recently got me into this game, she’s tons better at it than me. We’re itchin for our local store to get it and we’ll see you online when it does!

  • Weeps…You’re pretty good. Mastering the Lift strategy, I see.

  • I’ll attempt to get into the action sometime this week. I’m on during the mornings of EST from 8am to 9am.

Hmm actually I didn’t use the lift strategy at all. I’m kinda hesitant to even try it out because of the fact that it’s an option and not available in online play…

Exploding lift is a great concept and I think it should have been in the original Tetris Attack, but I could see how it prolong the battles even longer…Whenever I play against skilled opponents, it takes anywhere from 7-12 minutes to finish a game (with either of us winning, usually the other guy ehehe) and that’s just cuz it’s easy to counter in this game.

Just have a set of 3 ready to “break” his garbage, and set up your pieces so that the garbage falls onto your setup to create a chain that will also “break” the next set of garbage…battles can go on forever.

But anyway, with exploding lift, you could probably chain forever…just as long as you take care of the left and right ends. It’s a dilemma…but for now I choose not to use it…

I watched that video I posted and I’m mumbling too much. I swear I didn’t do it on purpose ehehe…I’ll try to post a much better quality video later on. Oh and BTW, my commentary on the video is incorrect, because I realize that I DO setup pieces, but not like 6x chains…more like x2 or x3, then wing it from there. I still haven’t really researched the various methods of advanced stacking.

Yo. Oregon. Nightish.

Hahah holy crap I didn’t see that I got mentioned in here. I haven’t been online in a while. If I have been, I’ve just been getting schooled by my girlfriend. I’m totally below scrub status in this game.

Been real busy and I haven’t had time to get on and play. I’ll let yous guys know when I’m online and you can get some free wins to bump your record up.

Oh yeah, my PPL handle is magnetic :mad: … yeah that’s right. magnetic angry face! hahah

GRITZ - GORDI - 279276- 945865 - Miami, FL - Any time between 9:00 pm - 12:00 pm EST.

Im a scrub so go easy on me.

I just found out about this version, and seeing it had online play, I promptly shit my pants. I’ve been playing PPL for ages. Favorite puzzle game ever. My only beef with this new version is the slow pace. In one player, if I put it on hard it plays at nearly the same rate as Tetris Attack or PPL, but online it has the delayed fall, which makes it way too easy to chain. So the online matches have been pretty boring. Hopefully there’s a way to speed it up to normal.

Maybe I should just read the damn manual.

But I’ll post my friend code in a few. I love this game.

I just realized that PPL could mean Planet Puzzle League as well as Pokemon Puzzle League. I was speaking of the latter.

Overworld - Snow - 253507 - 217857 - GA - Most nights after 8pm.

Ok here’s another video:

Honestly this was my best score for a long time. I’ve only recently scored higher and that was just last week. This video is from June…and it sucks cuz I could have gotten x21 but I made a dumb mistake dropping the piece too early.

I think maybe I should try multiple drops to make the chains go by faster (allowing me more time to get more points) but that just seems like a hassle and I still don’t have a great comprehension on stacking strategy.

In any case I still like to feel it out and make chains at the last minute…but I wouldn’t mind learning more. On, it looks like 63,789 is the highest verified score without exploding lift…I still have a ways to go.

Nice vids, wepeel. You’re pretty good, and hopefully we can get a few matches in some time.

I added everyone who posted their FCs in this thread to my FC list, so hopefully all you guys added me too. I also updated the list, and I’m changing my times available to 12:00 pm-1:00 pm EST.