Planet X tourney July 29th results (EXPLOSTION MONTLY)

Brackets from the tourney
VVV <—CvS2 <—GGXX:slash <—3s


I guess 1st things 1st. Gotta give shout-outs to:

Everybody who attended the tournies

A2, Flint, Lasing, India (OMG foos are beastly)

Mr.Panda your too coo homie thanx for the hook ups on games and the knowlegde you dropped on me like a brick hammer in 3s and how to play burned copies of PS2 games. When you get that stick let me see some pics of it man. Thanx for helping w/the brackets as well. Mr.Panda for president!!!

Brent another coo doo from the Indie crew, nice and upcoming CHUN kicked the hell out of my ass! :lol: GG’s foo you earned it.

Grego: my brother from another mother, thanx for helping w/the tourney,and leading me door fee.

The A2 cats I don’t know if they are on SRK, but they were INSANE!!! in GGXX:slash thanx to Hydralisk for handing me some ABA stuff to start out with. Now that I have a copy of that game I can practice!

Clayton coo ass dood I was watching you play GGXX:slash good ass player man where did you say you were from?

And to any one esle I forgot I’ll put a bullet in the next one for ya :lol:.

So far the RanBat points are ( even though other cats won’t make it to the next tourney prolly unless ppl want to have it montly)

Got an 8 man turn out in all tourneys which was great!

Don’t remember who all played what character in the finals sorry will find out.
Clayton-6 (Ky)
Matt-4 (Johnny)

Teams may not be accurate will dbl check
AVX-6 (Vega,Sak-Cam, Blanka)
Nick-5 (Cammy-Blanka-Sagat)
Obot-4 (Blanka-KEN-somebody)


Mr.Panda666-6! points (Urien)
Brent-5 (CHUN)
50/50-4 (MAKOTO)

Good games to all that entered. I had a blast and I’m tired as helll night to all.


Good games to everyone, thank you all for coming, especially those who beasted the hell out of me. Hope everyone shows up to the next one, Ill be sure to practice up for it.

When Clayton plays GGXX, he can’t be beat. That’s why he’s SBE! OMGZ!!!11 Ky ownage!!

WTF 50!

You sold out to your Makoto!

Get back on Dudley NOW! ;p

lol shrug… thanks…

Anyway yea thanks for running the tourny yadda yadda. Deffintly gonna need some AC or something though, I mean it was almost 100 yesterday. And no AC in there was pretty bad. And I know some people were funkin’ it up in there, me included.

Im a bit suprised with the turnout for gg. Espeicaly considerd AJ couldnt make it, and then detroits car broke down etc. So 8 was still pretty good all things considerd and its michigan shrug… However at the same time im disapointed cuz well yea… only 8 people bummer. And it cost me 30(yes THRITY)bucks to drive there and back. And then 10 for the entry fee. So basicly… I didnt win anything… =/

Anyway yea nice to see everyone again yadda yadda… And im from brighton.

Stop complaining Clayton!!!

Also Planet X does have AC… It was on… but all those people plus monitors and x-boxes generate more heat than the ac can control. At one point the owner turned off half of the equipment in the store.

mad props and shout outs to everyone who had to drive 30 min or more to attend the event! Great to see everyone.

So when are we going to do it again? Next one should be even better.

lol oh yea, now that you said that I forgot, damn you to all the people that didnt want to enter hyper alpha! I cant help it, I must complain about everything…

Well I’m just glad foo’s had a good time yo sorry Clay, hopefully at the next tourney more Detroit’ers will show up there’s more ppl that play GGXX here I so yea. Also who did you play in the GGXX:slash finals?

OBOT: Tell ron I said thanx for letting us run the tourneys.

P.S. Clay next time I’ll bring a Fan it won’t be a BIGG ASS FAN, but it’ll be nice enough to blow some air around and help circulate the shit.

To Thai: my ace, everybody wants Dudley maybe he’ll make an apperance in a town near you :lol: ;p.

ah… one of the japanese guys… kenta? Maybe? I dont remember well shrug…

Anyway yea next tourny if all the detriot guys come etc etc and the turn out looks bigger ill probably come again.

Sorry I asked that question wrong. I meant what character did you play in the finals? Also sorry no footage of the tourney guys. I forgot my coaxle (spelling) cable, and of course like a doof remembered when we got to planet x. :bluu:

^yeah, and I couldn’t find an extension cord since Southfield is ass, I had my camcorder up there but I only have like 30 mins of battery life, blah…

Yea I’ll remember to bring one next homie. Just for safety, BTW did T5 go down did ya’ll have a tourney? No one was there earlier for it, but I noticed a shit load of ppl walked in late like right before we left.

Hey Southfield (50-fifty, Planet X, etc.) thanks for having us. We both had a real fun time and hopefully we’ll be back sometime. I sure wouldn’t mind making anoter appearance here or there.

Hopefully in the future there will be some ST tournaments (or from what Obot was telling me HF is the thing in Michigan). I an old-schooler so let’s see less SF3 and more SF2. Haha!

And I finally got to try out T5:DR and my beloved Dragunov. Very fun character indeed and I had a blast playing Tekken (something that never really happens cuz I don’t really care for Tekken).

That’s all I got. See y’all around hopefully.

Oh, and nice getting to know some of you better- Grego, OmegaRed, 50, MasterOfKing, and Potemkin. :wgrin: Also met Ali Vegas. Sorry about the throws dude. :sad: GG’s though and nice job beating me up at Marvel. I’m a sucker for punishment.

Good shit in SF, i’d rather play the originals cuz I can tell that it’s not the same shit, i crossed you up and did an attack the character was still face the way that he jumped in, i’m like wtf, u’re gonna have to come down again next time we do this, peace.

I’m just kinda copypasta-ing this, but great games y’all, it was awesome to meet everyone, and the turnout was quite surprising especially for Slash. Just a suggestion if possible, maybe some rotary fans or something, it was really stuffy in there, and I could tell lots of people after a while started to get off-point with all the stuff and combos we all ended up goofing up. :lol: Otherwise, it was great. But please take into consideration on the fans/ventilation thing. :china:

P.S. And I totally agree with Clayton, 1st places kinda ‘barely’ broke even if they had a tad of a drive to get there. But this is a good start, but I doubt we’ll be able to do these ran-bats every week. I think bi-weeklies is the best possible thing. Just my $0.02 though

P.P.S. I played Johnny in finals.

o… I played ky the whole time shrug…

actually my team was vega/sak or cammy/ blanka. thx. :lovin:

Coo’ thanx AVX, Dial, and Fox edited them.

Good shit 50 3rd plizzle

thanx homie