Planet X tourneys (RANBAT) Season 1-Game 2 Aug-26


Ok here we go again Yes I’m posting up for the tourney super early so this time around ppl should see this and make arrangements to accordingly.

Ok since the last tourney just barely scrapped up enough ppl to have 8 man brackets ( dunno how it happened but it did). There’ll be a change in the line-up of games VVV:




Garou ( I know your asking yourself “WTF GAROU” yes ppl want to play this Deandre will be in charge if this tourney) Also I don’t know what Deandre is gonna do for entry fee so stay posted w/this thread.

I would like to still do T5 but that’s up to adonis he handles that. So on w/the rest.

Garou ( X-BOX_NEO GEO emulator )

Everything is on console so bring your own equipment to play with.

Entry fee $10 flat rate

Format: All games
Singles 2/3
Finals 2/3


Sign-ups at 2:00

Tourney starts at 3:00

CvS2 ( if we have over 8 ppl I think we’ll run CvS2 1st just to get it out of the way ).


RanBat leaders


Mr.panda-6p (india player)



Hopefully we’ll get someone who can knock off the top players from the last release.
*Note if you knock out anybody in top 3 you gain an extra point. Remember you also gain an extra point for just particpating in the tourney.

Extra Notes

If ppl want to do any extra tournies post up and let us know. If you feel the turnout will be good then like I said let us know. On that note do ppl want to do a KOF XI tourney???

Hopefully this time we can capture footage of the tournies along with crowd reaction so I’ll update this thread later

Also India, and A2 came out and beast Detroit. We gotta stand up and rep that shit! We can’t take this lying down. Good games to all that came from outside the D, but we’ll surely step our game up for the next one.


Please fully explain how the ranbat format works? I saw some people asking… I actuly dont fully understand it.


RANBAT: Ranking Battle

Ranking Battles are design to raise the level of competition, by not really judging the winner from just getting 1st place. You have to maintain it by keeping your points higher than anyone esle.

Now how the points work:

You get points by the following:
Entering the tourney

You get 1 point automatically just for entering a single tourney, for example we’re gonna have 3s, CvS2, GGXX:slash. Let’s say you want to enter GGXX, and CvS2. You’ll gain one point for each game you enter. Also keep in mind that your points will not merge over to another game. I’ll break this down more at the end.

Getting Top 3 in any tourney

Points will be given for each place the points are as follows


Knocking anybody out of the top 3

You can gain 1 more additional point by knocking any of the previous top RanBat leaders out of top 3.

Ok so let me run a scenario

You enter 3s, and GGXX. For 3s you have 1 point, for GGXX you have 1 point ( remember the points do not merge). Let’s say you do well in the GGXX and get 2nd, but in 3s you don’t place top 3. Your points will read as such

GGXX:2nd place got you 4 points, plus your participantion point for a total of 5

3s:since you did not place your total points will be 1 ( just your participantion point)

Now lets say you knock out a Top 3 RanBat leader and you place 3rd. You get 3 points for 3rd place, plus 1 for entering the tourney, plus 1 for knocking out someone in the top 3. so your total would be 5 points.

Now depending on how far we are in the ranbat this can make a world of difference on your level of play if you don’t want to get left behind on points then you’ll be force to play on a higher level. Also if you miss a ranbat or two don’t worry. As long as you come and place well you’ll be able to catch up. It’s simple!

If you have any more questions please post them in this thread.

So is anyone thinking of going to this? If it looks like there will be at least 10 people I might try and go. I know 10 maybe is high for GG in MI… But… Ill hope I guess.

we need some more players and get a chance to play mvc2 at least once there i think i will show up

cool bring some people

I have people for Garou. That’s it.

I don’t know if Dre will do Garou. Maybe I’ll try to run it. Me and Grego have an idea. Does anybody want to pay $15 bucks flat rate, and use $2 of it towards a nice prize or extra for the the last RanBat winner?

50 please post the details to this event on the main page of MIG. thx.

Yea fo sho. Well there’s only 3 days left hopefully ppl will show up and represent I wasn’t really able to post on SRK much due to me going around to a couple gamestops and stuff trying to get the word out. Please show and represent!

What do you mean you don’t know if whoever Dre is will do Garou. Is the fucking thing on or not, I’ve had people waiting for over a month.

Are there no results for this tournament???

I’d still like to hear all about it.

Unfortunatley we didn’t have a great enough turn out for 3s, so we only ran Guilty.

Guilty Gear:
1st Tim
2nd Julian
3rd David

We plan on having another the 23rd of september, and I pray there is a better turn out. Ill be calling all the michigan players in the coming weeks to remind them of their obligation to their 3s skills.