Planet Zero 6/10 MvC2 Results

Marvel vs Capcom 2 Results(19 People)

1st Brad Carney "Carnevil"
2nd Chris Creecy "Magneto-X"
3rd Daniel Nguyen "Power-DN"
4th Joe Reyna
5th Duane McCorkle "Marvelous_1"
5th Gene Flowers "Buckethead"
7th Venie Guien "Vinnyman"
7th Evin
9th Chris Chou "Ranma0005"
9th Daniel Villarreal "Kakarotte"
9th Ivan Rivas
9th Ronald Hernandez "Ron-O"
13th Tin
13th Eric
13th Fernando Gomero
13th Chris Jefferson "THE AMERICAN DREAM!!!1!"
17th John Vallis
17th Dizzy
17th Phillip

good shit to top 3!! :wgrin:

this is jal
magneto-x: YOU SHOULD GET FIRST! no offense to carn. =]

JALCHAMP: Hey, you can talk when you crack top 32 at ECC! No offense =]

damn i had my money on the american dream. =[

good shit carney. [always taking mvc2 talk personally:arazz:]

Lolz, Jal. Its aight foo. It was a good run! I wish that I could have gotten first if I would have been on my “A” game!

Carn: Good show man!

Duane thx for coming down even thought it wasn’t for just the tourney and for you your car stuff. I wish that you would have been able to stay here longer but you know how it is when it comes to work. Hopefully I can make it home back to New Orleans to play with you guys more because you know I miss you all up here.:sad: !

Good Tourney “19 People showed”!

Jal: Hopefully you will see my name for first place at our (Reginal Tournament) in two weeks! Thx though, Can’t wait to chill at Evo!


good tourny, and gratz to all who placed. I know what i must do now… ( logs off gw ) :badboy:

You guys are lucky I had stuff to do and forfeited !

People need to get to tourneys ON TIME so we don’t run late !

Good shit evereyone. Come on chris what happen man I taught u got better:wgrin: Anyway see u all on the 24.

R.I.P Rogue

Taught me better?:arazz: :rofl:

Son! I taught you the ways of mvc2, its coo though. Imma see you on the 24th if I don’t come there to chill.

Ok, laters foo!

Mag_X definitely wasn’t playing his “A” game. I’m sure come regionals that will be a different story.

One of these days I should practice

I like honey Jal over Carnevil for 300. Yes 300. I will Back Jal any amount over Carnevil.

Talking that greasy, come and fuck with the set.

Any set you want to run with Jal, 1st to 10, 4/7, 3/5. Bring it. Any Amount.

P.S. Jal got 9th at evo in a game he doesn’t play. lol.

If you don’t want to run it, I will understand completely, but please recognize that Honey Jal will glaze you.

P.S.S. Congrats on winning, Mag X is one hell of a player.

heh I don’t have any interest in money matching him for $300, or any amount. I was just razzing the guy, not disrespecting him. He’d probably beat me, anyway.

P.S.S. Thanks.

You’re one to talk!

Yall lucky I didn’t make the tourny to cause random upset beetchz!

hahaha, can’t fuck with the facts. TOO REAL

good shit guys, i hope everyone comes to evo this year!!