Planet Zero Arcade closed down

An Arcade that changed the heart of millions and helped bring fighting video game genre into the main stream, and the original host for the SBO spots, it’s sad to see an arcade of this caliber shut it’s doors.
On May 9th, 2012 early morning, many people lined up at the doors of Planet Zero, awaiting to enter it’s arcade to play the best players in all of Texas (and debatable, the nation) as soon as it opened. But to their surprise, everyone was shocked to notice a note on the door, striking terror in the hearts of the entire fighting game scene. It was a note, describing that Planet Zero was closing, and had no plans on re-opening.

Alarmed, news spread quickly all over the community, as the competitive scene no longer had a place to call “home” any longer. Struck with grief, all we could do was was morn a great loss, as we just witness a great hero, who defended the Texas Fighting Game scene, fall to it’s knees.

Such great players like Kensou, Kid Viper, Justin M. Blake, and Tony Banana Jr., known for their above par skills in fighting video games, winning countless titles at several majors around the nation, no longer have an astonishing arcade to enter and practice at anymore. Now, were would such top players practice now?

R.I.P. Planet Zero.

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How had this post not been made like a week ago…

It closed down on my birthday. No one is safe from the curse of Anakaris.

Whats good to all of the Texas scene!

so subtle, pozer

good riddance

now texas only has ufo. what a shame that the better one lost…


I’m not too surprised of an arcade closing.

are we supposed to mourn an arcade that has obviously been run by incompetent people who do shitty things to everyone year after year after fucking year

because that is more hilarious than pozerwolf seriously using “faggot” as an insult while displaying a my little pony avatar, which is a pretty hysterical sight

Myself being a houstonian, this was the first place that even got me interested in fighting games, people hate and talk shit on PZ but in all honesty it’s still a place that had all the latest shit no other place had. Blazeblue, Arcana heart. Kof 13, SF4. they had all that crap before it was even on console aside from the people QQing over tournament drama or w/e idc about that really i just go with friends and have a good time playing the latest new games. If you have beef with the manager that’s cool but i’m there to play a game not be the managers boyfriend and hang out with him.

John was too much of a coward to make that post so he got Deneice to.

Rest in Piece Houston Fighting Game Community. You will be remembered for what you were. Lackadaisical.

You also suck at paying what you owe. Adios we all knew it was inevitable.

PZ Out…

Hold this; [media=youtube]yYaCrRCoyx4[/media]

Even though the manager was really shitty at handling events, i think Houston mourn the loss of a good place to just play FGs together and meet new people randomly. I don’t think that they’d want it to disappear over a little tourney drama.

I mean, if Henry Cen was really shitty at handeling tournaments, that wouldn’t make me stop coming to NLA from time to time. Its just a great place to hang out and play games. Thats how i see it.

I feel like people truly believe that PZ was/is the only Venue in Houston. You know that city is huge, right? There’s still weeklies that go on half of the days of the week…

Let’s remember the good times of Planet Zero

With all the scandals, it seems more like the owner brought this upon himself.

It’s sad that an arcade has to die, even more so because of the fact that it went down with no grace. It’s kind of pathetic.

Well you’re damn blind, that’s for sure.

As outrages as the stories sound from AirBrushKing, they were all true.
Kind of sad how this arcade actually separated the Houston scene, creating a line for those who played at PZ, and those who didn’t.

It’s always sad to hear an Arcade good, but seeing this one shut down is the best thing to happen in the Houston scene. Seriously, I can only see good things coming from this. How they got a spot to run Evo seeding is beyond me (actually, we all know why, but it’s whatever).

- It cost $10 to enter this tournament, and it says 14 people entered the event. Why did I only get 60 dollars?
- Oh, they normally lie about the amount of people they get in the results thread.
- WTF?
- Yeah. My name is on there, but I didn’t enter.
- The guy next to me kept talking down on UFO, he didn’t leave me alone.
- Yeah. It’s the reputation. The brackets were rigged against you so you couldn’t make it to finals.
- But I won.
- They didn’t expect that. There’s talk of having you banned because of the win streak you made. They said it was bad for business.
- Damn, some Mafia shit going down over there.

Well then, i admit i had no Idea. Sorry for saying that then.

That’s a lot of money. :o