Planet Zero Houston presents DR, GGAC, Arcana Heart & SC3 2007 SBO Qualifiers


First I apologize for the late post. :lovin:

It has always been Planet Zero?s goal to expand the community and bring new opportunities to all the players in this country.
This year PZ joins the other two locations in hosting Tougeki qualifiers for 2007.

In order to broaden the player base, we decided to take out one important element which has been a deciding factor in the past ? money. This leaves skill as the sole factor for the deciding the winners.

Why are we doing this? Firstly, because we (just like everyone else) would like to see what happens when the best of the best from USA compete at SBO. In the past we have had many skilled players that couldn?t afford to compete in an SBO qualifier because of money (most players in Texas fall into that category, except Fubar of course cos he is a baller).

We?re giving EVERYONE the opportunity to go to Japan (to get pwned,j/k). We?re collaborating with All-America Travel Agency and bringing more excitement to the gaming community. Airfares will be paid for; we?re working on Hotel accommodations as well.

We?re still trying to determine the length of stay in Japan taking into consideration EVO is the weekend after. PZ doesn?t believe in gaming without fine women (cos that?s how we roll) so we?ll have no scarcity of that. We?re also hitting up some arcades, some sightseeing and a general good time with Team PZ.

We have the ONLY Guilty Gear Accent Core Teams and Arcana Heart Singles spots in the country. We want to establish an even stronger working relationship with Tougeki so we can get even more spots next year. Since we are responsible for the players and our company name is on the line, we have tried to come up with a fair way to assure everyone acts responsible.

Important: Every winner is required to put down a $500 security deposit no later than July 30th. This will be returned to them no later than 30 days after we come back assuming they behave well and don?t do anything stupid.

So now for the important tournament info:

Planet Zero Houston
12303J Westheimer
Houston, Texas 77077


  1. These are sponsored spots so the winners not only represent USA but Planet Zero
  2. We are going to SBO to win.
  3. We are going to SBO to show everyone that we?re all cool people and are responsible enough to accept their spots
  4. We are paying for the player?s airfare.
  5. We are in negotiations with a sponsor for accommodations. It?s not a done deal yet. It’s like 90% done. (we will keep everyone informed)
  6. Win or lose we want to have a good time.
  7. We reserve the rights to refuse service or disqualify anyone for whatever reasons we see fit before or after the tournament.
  8. Respect everyone and everyone will respect you back.
  9. We want to make sure that our company name is not negatively represented in anyway so act mature everywhere.
  10. When in Japan, everything we say goes. No arguments whatsoever.
  11. No drugs. I will disqualify you without thinking twice.
  12. You must look presentable throughout the trip.
  13. Everyone leaves together as a team from Houston and returns to Houston. Our sponsored tickets are Houston ? Narita ? Houston.
  14. Everyone must stay together in Japan. We have a planned agenda.
  15. If you do anything stupid, I will come after you when we get back and kick your ass.
  16. We MUST all get along. If we don?t please see rule #7
  17. If Deneice doesn?t like you, please see rule #7
  18. Every game is on Japanese head to head cabinets with sanwa controls
  19. You must be a citizen (or Permanent Resident) of USA.
  20. Whoever makes it to the top 4 will get lots of lap dances and cash rewards!

Tournament Rules:
Entry Fee: $30 per player.
Single Character selection (You can change your Arcana in AH but not your character)
No Duplicate Characters on a team
Judgment In Effect
instant disqualification for system for false equipment calls.
Player’s Responsibility to halt match on equipment failure.
Saturday Tournaments start at 7pm
Sunday finals start at 4pm

Last chance qualifier is single game double elimination
Qualifier Finals is Single Game Single elimination

Date: May 19th & May 20th
Tekken 5 DR? Teams 3v3
Soul Calibur 3 AE? Singles

Date: June 2nd & June 3rd
Guilty Gear Accent Core ? Teams 3v3
Arcana Heart FULL? Singles

We will have a great time if everyone follows the rules and acts responsible.
Kindly keep all negative comments out of this thread. See rule #16

Tournament Director: Ranma0005
Commentary by John Peterson & Kensou
Bouncers: Big Chris & Sanchez



i see that number 11. says no drugs, shouldnt you eliminate that problem by making all qualifying teams take a drug test?


Couple of answers I would like to be answered! Thanks!

  1. How is the format going to be for the qualifications? Will it be one tournament, top 4 from that tournament qualify… Or will it be 4 single tournaments with the winner from each qualifying?

  2. Who will be giving out these lap dances and how much is the cash reward?

  3. “Rolling” with PZ women, does that mean on my flight to Japan, I will have a PZ Girl sitting right next to me? How can I make it happen?

  4. For those who have already qualified in a game, do we have to put down the $30 entry fee?

  5. Do you have an exact schedule/time of when things are expected to begin on Saturday and then on Sunday?


sounds good john seems like everything is ok on your end. we’ll keep in touch.



i’m glad to see tx getting qualifiers and spots for SBO, i thought i’d never see the day…but now i have

good stuff PZ!!!


PZ expanding the community in every way possible, and now SBO spots? a dream come true? indeed. like dictator said, i never thought i’d see the day…big thanks for PZ venturing out to bring us this opportunity:lovin:


i call team USA gets ocv’d in arcana


im liking rule 20


YEAH…too bad Arcana is a SINGLES tournament. :looney:

LOL @ John calling Ryan a baller.

Game recognize Game! :wonder:


Didn’t that like happen to every USA team at SBO last year?


I know it happened in 3rd Strike at least. I’ve seen the videos…

RAPE!!! :annoy:


lol. im pretty sure anyone that qualified could easily detox if they had to clear a drug test to go to japan. this would be a waste of a lot of money. drug tests arent cheap.


I believe Jake would pay for them


Kinda hard to pay for drug tests when you’re a gamer. :lol:

Besides, how many fighting game players EVEN do drugs? Fighting games aren’t cheap, you know. :rofl:


I am very grateful for this opportunity to go to Japan, big thanks to John and PZ for making this happen. And hopefully my questions will be answered soon.




how unreasonable.


“Kindly keep all negative comments out of this thread. See rule #16

Hey, just a quick question, what happened the two times West Coast had Guilty Gear qualifiers…? I just want to know the full story on that, send it in PM or like… Share it with the world if you could!


what part, exactly? seems like a pretty good deal to me


Rule #21

PZ can go to hell & this fuckin tourny…