Planet Zero SBO qualifiers are Rigged

So… we waited the 3 months to hear about this GGAC qualifier and little be known emogear substituted one of the players of the winning team with a “Planet Zero Rep”.{As shown here As shown here Dust Loop Link} I don’t know about you but to spend all that money on a tournament announced to the general public 2 months after it was known by texas players(giving us 4 weeks to prepare) then when a non Planet Zero based team comes in and wins they take out one of the players?? This is just tom foolery and a man of this stature shouldn’t be fucking with peoples time and money like this, where is our justice as game players? Shouldn’t the winning of an sbo qualifier be enough to go to japan to compete?? I guess in his eyes its not… so… this is not the first time this has happened and I’m sure others who have qualified cougharturocough have been given bullshit in the past.


I made this thread to help people be more aware of this EmoGear nonsense, his reputation alone is enough to show that he shouldn’t be trusted with SBO qualifiers… so maybe we should have our US board of directors help in getting a new arcade appointed. For a better chance for the PLAYERS and not for some dude forcing a Planet Zero flag pole up his ass.

Some info:

I was told by Jais, bridget player who was on my winning team, 100% I’m not going to Tougeki. Instead of John (emotiongear) telling me himself, he had to go through Kevin(kensou), who told Jais that he was the sole person who could inform me.

Ontop of that, they’ve decided they must send a Planet Zero representative, and they decided to cut the person with the least number of the wins over all on our team (aka me), and send a representative instead (probably Kensou).

Man, that’s some fucked up shit.

Wow if that is true that is really fucked up.

And wouldn’t rigged be an incorrect term? I mean they have no control over who wins or loses in the tournament and most of the original team is going. Yeah I don’t know I’m sure there is a word for this but can’t think of it right I’m way to damn sleepy runs away


Whatever happened to “the winning team goes”? Shit’s fucked up, and hurts not only the Guilty Gear community, but the fighting game community scene as a whole. If this guy can do something like this, what’s gonna stop others from potentially pulling off the same shit later on?

The question im wondering is if SBO/Tougeki knows about these fucked up rules.
That *** keeps screwing players over and all im going to say is that its time for the BS to end…

The important question is can and/or will anyone do anything about it?

I’d say if you want to make a fuss, ask the people who have the other SBO quals if they can talk to their contacts about it. I’m sure SBO would rather the winning team go, then to have players appointed to the team. Especially if the players themselves have problems with that process.

American Guilty Gear Rigging? Never heard that one before. Yawn.

For french qualifiers, the rules we got were very clear, the team that will attend SBO must be the one who qualified, including the characters played. For exemple even if you miss a 3rd player and that you win the qualifer, you can’t get a 3rd player afterward, this rules also applies for japanese qualifiers and i don’t see anyone getting a special treatment.

try and talk to a japanese representative zinac :confused:

although if planet zero is sponsoring you guys they might pull it… you might get the spot back…

gogo tga next year, no “best 3 players” shit either…

doesn’t this belong in tournament results?

i don’t think the OP is saying that the tournament is rigged, but rather it’s the qualifying team that’s rigged. in the Texas Showdown thread(s), it was stated quite clearly that the team that won the tournament was not necessarily going to be the one going to SBO. the only reason given was that there would some sort of interview to check out the players (and make sure they’re not crooks/troublemakers, i think), and based on that it would be decided who would actually go.
mind you, it’s not true to say that “they have no control over who wins/loses”, i’m sure there are at least a few ways an organizer could rig a tournament.

its a community issue so no not really

Wow, I can only imagine how painful it would be to be in that spot (being dropped out). That is a total piss-take, it really is.

Why does a PZ rep need to go?

they dont, the owner is a fucking screw-job for pulling this type of shit.

doesn’t pay japs who come for his TS tourny, rigs the SBO quals so someone could qual regardless from his arcade? whats next?

Rumor has it that winning Evo is recommended but not required; winners are decided by Evo staff in a post tournament interview. In addition, Evo staff is not obligated to pay you in a timely manner if you win, nor are they ever obligated to tell you why they haven’t paid you in over a year or longer.

Hope to see everyone at Evo!

What a crock of shit.

Not a surprise.

What a ***~

Wow, that’s a load of shit.