Planet Zero SBO qualifiers are Rigged

Even if a lot of people dont want to actually recognize it.
I do consider that Emogear does support the scene. I do believe he’s been unfair sometimes with outsiders, and I agree in most of the things that everyone complains about, but I keep going to PZ tourneys (they’re like 5 hours away from my place), and I keep looking forward to events cause they are fun, not only that, I have talked to Emogear en he is a cool guy. I do believe that unlike some people think, he is not all about the money.


This is just something that cannot go overlooked.
Man, for me traveling 5 hours is a lot, I can’t imagine what would it feel like to travel even more than that to have this shit happen, this is so fucked up.

So I made some phone calls this afternoon after reading this thread.
Here in texas the state is so conservative, therefore, me and a friend (who works in a law firm) are pretty confident that you have legal standing to sue PZ for this kinda shit.
Im pretty sure that Emogear thinks he can get away with it because he signed some sort of contract with tougeki (Im assuming this since he has a spot for himself in the tourney), and the paperwork says he’s gonna send PZ representatives, therefore, as far as Tougeki is concerned, he can do it since these papers (assuming they exist) doesn’t force him to send the winning team.

However, this is not information that he is making available to the players, and that’s ilegal on this state.

Go ahead and get proof of the tourney rules and all that including results and get some valid evidence of how YOU WERE NOT TOLD ABOUT THIS, Im pretty confident that the announcement didn’t say this kinda shit could happen.

You should get the info ASAP in order for you to make sure noone is gonna erase it if they read this. I would send you a PM but I can’t my inbox is screwed up.

This is the only way we can stop this abuse.

Just an opinion

EDIT: I am not saying that this would get you your spot on the team and help you go to tougeki, since it does take some time for these problems to be solved, but since we are talking about a trip to japan, you can at least get good money out of it and make PZ stop this abuse.

Emogear is a crook. Anyone who is suckered in by his shenanigans deserves what they get.

Well the best thing to do sadly is just to spread the word about this kind of thing so people will know not to do business. Though just seeing how he responded to people in the thread for his tournament who were asking very valid questions about where their money was a year later, and his arrogance to say that he didn’t need to tell them (basically) I decided I just was not going to do business with that person when there is so many alternatives.

Hopefully the GG community can pull together, and be heard and get the qualifier move. I’m much more sure people would rather pay their own way to Japan and send the winners, then send whoever Emotiongear decides will go.

It sucks for the other two players to have their team split up, and it sucks for the person stuck into the team (who really should refuse the spot) since everyone is going to just hate the whole qualifying experience.

It’s a sad thing to say, but I almost hope the team gets DQed for not following SBO rules in qualifying the team.

that is absolutely terrible.

didnt emogear pretty much ruin the texas showdown series too? damn shame. i mostly feel sorry for texas players that rely on his venue to get comp. =/


dunno why people continue to support this guy or his tournaments.

afaik, he never paid players from 2007.

i dont even know if he paid anyone this year.

and he reserved the right to not let the tournament winners go, based on personal perference.

this guy seems like a real winner.

What a fucking jerk.

Crooks… psfh.

This is from what I’ve heard. He actually treats his regular customers with utmost respect, and when someone that isn’t a PZ person comes by he’ll treat them like shit (unless they’re japanese! p.s. I think Jpn players are still looking for their money!) or they’re a hot girl he can add to his harem. This is utter crap. Even by boycotting his quals, he’ll just hire some guys to be a team for him and ship them out.

I had all of new england boycott that shit as soon as he said there was no cvs2 because their game lineup was strictly following the Tougeki game lineup. Somehow tho mvc2 was still on the list…

I even know some Texas players that are ashamed of their own game scene now because of this guy. I really hope Fubarduck opens his arcade so people have an honest place to play.

Who the pz representative.

P.S. Just heard it was kensou. Damn.

Yay!!! Fubar for the win…from what he’s told me the arcade should be up very soon!!!:tup:

Shame. I’d write the SBO folks and let them know what happened.

Thing is though, last year’s qualifiers were honest. We now know this was because a PZ team actually won fair and square, but yeah.

Much more importantly, though, his tournament was the only way to earn a spot in SBO! And since your national tournament dropped GG as an official game, SBO has become an even bigger deal than in past years and it was worth it for people to take a shot even given the circumstances.

And another problem here is that Emogear is one of the few people in the scene who’s got the money to send people on his own, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he kept the qualifiers in future years.


Here’s another question, does SBO care if they get an honest American team? If they don’t, there’s nothing that can be done, unless the US GG community decides to make another major tourney, such as FR, their national tourney. There’s no rule that says Evo must be a national tourney for your game.

The other option would be to have a high-entry tourney, where the fees go for trip to Japan, but you’d need an arcade cab for that.

Money talks.

What if the other two players refused to go unless the third player went? Unsure if they’re willing to play chicken, but it would look really bad if that happened- might cause Emogear to cave, or at least lose his SBO spot.

are u talking about the format of the tga qualifiers?

cause thats what tougeki wanted them to do

2008 has been one shady fucking year for the US scene…

EDIT: Just wanted to add that Zinac’s replacement has not been officially announced yet. Kensou just seems like the most logical choice since he’s an actual good player and has been Emogear’s most adamant defender this whole time. Hell, Emogear himself has not said a word on this matter, so for all we know he could kick Jais out for Marn or something like that…

Oh boy…this is why I stay out of this mess now lol.

To be honest I would rather have no SBO spot for GG than have Emogear run them every year. Time and time again he’s proven not to be trusted and only cares about the money he makes. He doesn’t care about the community. He doesn’t care about the game. He only cares about the money he makes and the people who help him make money (i.e. Texas players).

Compromising the integrity of the game and screwing over good, honest, deserving players is not worth a spot at SBO.

There was talk if SBO staff really cared if this was going on, but a good point was brought up: why should the US be an exception to the “winning team qualifies” rule? We’re no different than anyone else, so the same rule should apply if they want to avoid a shitstorm.

This is demonstration of Kantian ethics in action.

Many of us view the fighting-game community as an end in itself, while Emotiongear sees it as a means to an end (in this case, promoting Planet Zero).

And I agree that no SBO spot is better than a dishonest one.