Planet Zero Southwest SBO Tekken DR and Soul Calibur 3 AE Qualifer Results

First I would like to thank all the participants not only for the qualifiers but also the qualifers who attended from Showdown Championships. We are all very thankful for the support of our players and the players outside of our local scope who came to this event as well. Since there was a minimum amount of teams and players for both the Tekken and Soul Calibur last chance qualifying tournaments, all participants advanced to the final 8 tournament that determined the SW US SBO Representative for that game.

The results are as follows:

Tekken DR
1st Team Tekken Strikes - Slim(Marduk)/Vick(Feng)/Crow(DNP)
2nd Team Cali - Mr Naps(Bryan)/200 Yen(Anna)/3ZX(Heihachi)
3rd Team Godzilla - l337v1n337(Lei)/W1R3D(Anna)/DJ KOR(Ganryu)
3rd Team Crunkjuice Remix - AV(DevilJin)/Superman(Bruce)/Mucha Lucha(King)
5th Team Bukkake - OneThreeFour(Bryan)/JoJo(Ling)/nm3(Jack-5)
5th Team We Took Your Spot - Kid Disaster(Paul)/David Evers(Jack-5)/LinkRKC(Nina)
5th Team Heroes - Fubarduck(Yoshimitsu)/Electrical Steve(Heihachi)/THB(Ganryu)

Soul Calibur 3 AE
1st DevilJim(Austin,TX) - Sophitia
2nd Kid Disaster(New Jersey) - Cassandra
3rd Duckie(Nevada) - Amy
3rd Jacob Berger(Austin,TX) - Cassandra
5th Provost(Austin,TX) - Setsuka
5th David Evers(Wichita Falls,TX) - Astaroth
5th Fritz the Cat(Austin,TX) - Xianghua

Congratulations to Crow, Vick, Slim, and DevilJim in winning the SBO qualifer and winning the right to be a US representative for Tekken DR and Soul Calibur 3AE!

Thanks once again to all the out of towners and local participants that helped make his event a fun time for all!

Special thanks to Emotiongear and Deneice for bringing the SBO spots here and supporting it with Planet Zero. Thanks to Kensou for providing the MC’ing and commentating for the event, and DowXP for all the fantastic pictures which can be seen here at this link.

Good luck to our representatives in Japan!

I would like to sincerely thank everyone that attended and supported this event. The participants were the heroes of the day. I cannot not thank the out of towners enough that came in from all parts of the country to attend and compete for the chance to win.
Team Norcal - 3zX, 200 Yen and Mr. Naps, what a great bunch of guys /o/. Thank you for coming out and reppin’. I look farward to meeing you guys again soon.
Team Heroes - Fubarduck, THB and Electrical Steve - Thank you for coming and repping Austin.
Kid Disaster - Thank you for coming out from New Jersey. I hope that energy drink didnt kick in too strong.
Ducky - Thank you for all the support and kind words. Means a lot of all of here at PZ. We hope to see you again soon!
Jabob and Fritz - Thank you guys for coming out from Austin. I hope to visit Einsteins soon to return the support.
David Evers - Thank you for coming out from Wichita Falls.With a brother like yours i’m sure you wont have a problem dominating in the future.
Provost - Thank you for coming out from Beaumont. See you around soon!
All the Houston players - Thank you for everything! You guys are the real reason why the community here is growing.
Ranma - Thank you for running another great tournament and supporting the community.
Kensou - A big thank you for making this tournament as exciting as it could get.

All the PZ staff - Thank you!

Finally, to Crow, Slim, Vick and Devil Jim - The utmost respect goes to you guys and a big thank you. I have faith that you will leave a mark at SBO this year.

I can’t thank everyone enough. I saw some truly magnificent matches but most importantly I made some really awesome friends this weekend. My regret is that we didnt have more spots to give away. In my opinion, each one of the participants is a great player and deserves to represent USA in Japan.

I will post of the videos as soon as I can. Once again on behalf of PZ, a big thank you to everyone who attended.

Lol, I made it into so many photos. See if you can spot me in all those! :rofl:

Dow did an exceptional job on photography for this event, best work of his I’ve ever seen. Favorite photos: Bobby reacting to his team winning a Tekken spot.

Hope you guys all do well in Japan - Jim, Bobby, Vick & Chris. Tekken Strikes needs to have Bobby yell at the Japanese every time they beat someone. That would probably freak them out…:wgrin:

good stuff to everyone that played, and lots of props to the cali guys that came down.

gg Vick, Slim, and Crow, hold it down for us in Japan!

Good luck to the team Tekken strikes and Deviljim in Japan.

Take em down

I’ll be posting up some videos from the tournament. here’s the first one:

SBO Qualifiers @ Planet Zero Houston 05.13.2007
Semifinals: Norcal Vs Godzilla
Game: Tekken DR
Format. 3v3. 1 game. Single Elim.

Mr Naps
200 Yen

DJ Kor

Video format: wmv

Check it out HERE!