Planet Zero's SBO Qualifier: History

This weekend Planet Zero became Guilty Gear and Arcana Heart heaven. History was going to be made as the first Guilty Gear team since 2002 and first Arcana Heart player was decided.

This was a grand tournament in so many ways…

First off, the games:

Arcana Heart FULL - Everyone thought it was unusual choice from the first moment we announced it. But the respect from SBO commitee for actually wanting to host this game and players from USA who proved they can be on the same level as the Japanese and play an arcade fighter without hiding behind a console port was overwhelming.

Guilty Gear Accent Core - Probably the most controversial spot in the US this year. After a big problem with the last qualifier a few years ago and the winners not showing up at SBO, Arcadia has refused to give any Guilty Gear spots to the USA since. The announcement of this qualifier came as a shock to many players. The level of excitement in the community has never been higher.

Arturo Sanchez won Arcana Heart and R0b0t, Marn and Jan won Guilty Gear Accent Core and are have become the only players to represent USA at these games at SBO.

Secondly, the skill of the players was amazing. The audience was packed with energy.

Big thank you to Empire Arcadia for sending down Arturo to compete and win. Thank you to everyone who made this tournament all it could be. A very big thank you to the out of towners who made the trip out here.

Tournament Director: Chris ‘Ranma0005’ Chou
Tournament Organizer: Deneice ‘Trinity’ Phan
Announcers: Dictator, Machina & Vineet
Technical: Jamie Diaz
Executive Producer: Deneice ‘Trinity’ Phan
Director & Camera: John ‘Emotiongear’ Leigh
Photography: Shawn ‘dowxp-sp2’ Shu
Planet Zero: Mike Rivera, Ren Rivera, Fabio Pontes, James O’Connor & Tim Nguyen
Marketing: Theresa ‘Miyaka’ Ku

Pix from the tournament can be viewed HERE!

I will post the videos up soon.

results are hidden in the filler crap - highlight the winners.

Final results from the SBO Qualifying Tournaments

1st Team FM - Marn(Eddie)/R0B0T(Sol)/Jan(Pot)
2nd Team Whats Up People - Alex P(Slayer)/KenMastersX(Johnny)/Fubarduck(Zappa)
3rd Team USA - Kensou(Chipp)/ElvenShadow(Faust)/Black Snake(Venom)
3rd Team StunEijiChargeAttack - Eiji(Sol)/Kasou(Eddie)/Conata(Ky)
5th Team Glamourously Fergilicious - Ranma0005(Baiken)/Big Bryan(Pot)/Dictator(Order Sol)
5th Team Ohayo - Raph Stryker(Faust)/CrimsonDisaster(Slayer)/Chronic Beast(I-no)
5th Team Maniak - Maniak(Axl)/Ryan(Zappa)
5th Team Upset - Gene(Testament)/Ron-O(Eddie)/Big Chris(A.B.A.)

Arcana Heart Full!
1st Arturo - Kamui
2nd Dirty Sanchez - Kira
3rd Woof - Fiona
3rd KenMastersX - Saki
5th Ranma0005 - Fiona
5th Fubarduck - Yoriko
5th Marn - Kamui
5th Crow - Kamui

Good games to everyone who came out, this was one heck of a weekend.

Can’t wait for the next big thing down here in h-town.

good shit arturo

congrats to arturo

Guilty Gear AC Tournament Photos

Arcana Heart Full! Tournament Photos

Tournament Participants Portraits

Good Shit to ElvenShadow, Blacksnake and Kensou.

good shit Art TEAM TRAP!!! WHY NOT!!!

Eric looks like a rapist in his picture.


gogo sanchez.

#2 arcana heart player in the country! :lol:

hahaha i like the 1 random black and white emo ass picture of kevin


congratulations to the winners, although we all pretty much knew that Arturo and Marn were gonna win, at least we know we are sending the best to SBO for these games.

AH pre-quals had an all Louisiana finals
AH quals had an all Sanchez finals :sweat:

Props to the out of towners for coming out and repping their respective regions.

You mean SBO.

all pics are up!

dont correct him. He has a finance degree

thanks to everyone, the level of competition was definetely insane. So many sick matches this weekend. Good shit to everyone and I’ll try to do my best in Arcana at SBO. I’m definetely happy that I can rep the USA in this game for sure. :lovin: …but ill try my best to not lose first round.

Congrats Arturo, glad to see you beast at the quals.

Im uploading the AH vids…

You can check out the GG:AC vids on dustloop