Planning local in San Francisco. Interested?


Trying to see if there is an interest in a local in San Francisco. I have a potential location, so if there’s interest and the location is open, we can give this a shot.

Time will likely be Sunday or Saturday afternoon.
It’s in the excelsior district. There’s a nice room in the back with two TVs, a couple of sofas, and about 165 sq ft. And of course, it’s in a boba shop. Will likely host SSF4:AE, UMvC3, and KOFXIII. If we do host, this’ll be a test run, so dont expect prizes. Let me know if there’s an interest, either here or on twitter.



I’d definitely be interested in a new tournament scene in this part of the bay


Aw man, I’m sorry to have missed this by a couple days. SF is definitely heating up again for the FGC again it seems. maybe if this happens again after christmas I’ll check it out (capcom cup being this weekend and all)


Hell yeah i am definetly down for this there is ño tournament scene in oakland im tryna make that happen


By competing in sf its gud for the tournament scene in the bay definetly for oakland richmond frisco

Players tryna get there name out and could possibly climb tha fgc grow and support the movement.


I’m up for that…I only blocks away from the Excelsior.


Hit up Freedemonia and Dragon Lounge.


I’m interested in any other times this could be done. Though I would like for TTT2 to be played. I have AE and KoFXIII though. I live in the Tenderloin, and play PS3.




Make it happen.


Yo I’m in, looking for UMvC3 weeklies in SF. I know of probably 5 people that would come with me, we pretty much only play UMvC3. I know theres a lot of people who used to go to Southtown Arcade who would be interested.