Planning on building a PS3/360 arcade stick

I am planning on building custom 360/PS3 arcade stick using a sixaxis PCB, AXISdaptor ( and a wireless 360 controller PCB (non-CG). I will also be buying the stick and buttons from

I have actually never soldered before but I have watched many tutorials on how to solder a PCB to a wire so it shouldn’t be that hard.

I am planning on having a USB cord for each pcb so I won’t have to worry about using a switch or something (hopefully). I, of course, have some questions though and some of these might seem very stupid.

  1. Can I use alligator clips when connecting the PCB’s to the buttons and stick or must they be soldered?

  2. Can I directly connect both PCBs to the buttons and stick without having to go through a switch? If so, if I connect the stick to the 360 and PS3 at the same time (don’t ask why) would that be bad for the buttons and stick since there are 2 grounds and 2 signals going through at the same time?

  3. The AXISdaptor has 3 things that say “COM”. Is that common ground for each of the 3 sides of the board? Do I just stick these wires to any ground on a button or the stick?

  4. How do you recommend I connect the battery to the 360 controller PCB? Should I just use the controller casing to hold the batteries?

Thank you very much

read atleast afew pages of this

Thanks for the reply, but this barely helps me. It only confuses me even more.

Why do I have to bridge the power and ground together? Both PCB’s would be getting power from their own respective console/batteries.

This schematic assumes both pcb’s are common ground (which mine isn’t).

Can’t I just connect the PCB’s to the buttons/stick simultaneously and only have one PCB on? Do I have to use a screw terminal? Why do both PCB’s need to be powered at the same time?

I’m gonna try to draw you guys a schematic of what I want. Ill post it in a few.

I wanna know the reason for this too

Edit: Okay, toddles explains why in that thread lol

can’t seem to find that post in that thread. can u link it? thanks

OK here is the schematic I drew up. To save time and make it look less of a mess than it already is, I combined the ground and signal on connecting the 360 controller since its not common ground.

I know it’s a mess but i drew it up in 5 min. Sorry.

Blue = ground and signal
Green = ground
Red = signal

anyone? is this schematic good? if not, can any tell me what i need to do? i know you might have to connect the ground and power cables, but why?

and how would i connect them since they are not CG?

Because you cant dual mod using a non cg pcb. Plus when using a non common ground pcb you have to run the corresponding ground with each signal. Pcbs have to be grounded together so everything is one big circuit.

even though only one pcb will be on at a time? wouldnt it be a complete circuit then?

can u solder all of the ground wires together into one ground?

i saw an arcade stick that had a ps2 and 360 pcb in it and isn’t a ps2 pcb non-cg? but he had a serial connection type thing that had to be swapped in order to switch it to either ps2 or 360 mode. could i use something like that?

Sit tight and wait for the PS3+360 wireless mod helper boards to come out. Please dont take this the wrong way, but if you try to do it yourself, at this rate, you’ll destroy a couple of good pcbs, frustrate the hell outta yourself, waste money, and still not have a working stick. Just be patient, Gummowned and I are both working on ones (and I think one or two other folks might be as well.)

Toodles hit it on the head, but if that thread confuses you, then you may not want to try this just yet.

where is toodles post? i can’t seem to find it.

but you’re probably right, i should just start off with maybe just one controller in there. THAT should be simple.

EDIT: NVM I found it. I get it now lol. I mean, I also have a cg-wireless 360 controller, but is the AXISdaptor CG? It seems to have 3 ground points. and where would a I solder the power?

EDIT2: I just found out the AXISdaptor isn’t CG. So the only way to have a 360/ps3 stick is to have a cthulhu board?


The only easy way for ps3/360, yeah.

You can also use a PS2 pad that is CG in place of the cthulhu and then use adapters.

Yeah, this may actually be your best solution. Now that there’s a PS2-360 converter that doesn’t suck (Laugh’s XConverter360) and isn’t ungodly expensive, you might want to consider that option.