Planning on buying MvC3, few questions

  1. Is it as technical and disciplined SF4 is? Like the timing in attacks and combos were so split second and frame dependent. Thats one reason why I stopped playing SF4 and I hope MvC3 isnt TOO strict in that department (i dont mind it, just not when its soooooo strict)

  2. Is it something I can pick up and play without spending a very long time in training mode? I know in SF4 it took me FOREVER to be able to do any move decently. I grasp the quarter circle and Z motion movements perfectly now but are there absurd “giga J alpha practice5hourstodothisonce movement” motions?

  3. I know fight stick questions are shunned here but I CANNOT find the madcatz fight stick thats white and its like 50 bucks and everyone recommends it. ITS ALL SOLD OUT AND MADCATZ DOESNT EVEN SHOW IT ON THEIR WEBSITE.

I am thinking of buying a Hori EX2. Can someone give this a thumbs up or down for someone new to this scene.

Thank you for your responses.

  1. MvC3 has a chain system, so in general, the timing is less strict since you can cancel normals into normals.

  2. Depends on how good you want to be. It’s probably easier to get nto and to do flashy things, but learning to become competitive is a different story, especially once you factor in things like team building, etc.

  3. Check online or in your local retailers. Avoid the Hori EX2 at all costs, if you need to, invest in something better like a TE, or wait for the new WWE branded MadCatz FightSticks.

Why the hell are fight sticks so rare… I can not find one that ISNT the Hori EX2! Really theres more reviews than actual buyable sticks.

Seems like the SE fightsticks went out of production. There will be a sale on TEs this weekend for Final Round. Also look up the better Horis (Real Arcade Pro).

A couple things:

  1. The Hori EX2 isn’t a fight stick.

  2. It sucks.

  3. Read the stickies. :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. MvC3 isn’t as strict as SF4. Its all about chains rather than tight 1-3 frame links. Flashy combos aren’t too hard to pull off for decent damage. In fact the main 2 motions you’ll be repeating a lot are the quarter circle and the srk motions. If you know those, its a good starting place for execution of combos.

  2. You can probably pick it up pretty fast. If you get a chance, check out the really nice, really huge guide book. Tons of great info, not just WHAT things work, but also WHY they work. It really helps reduce the learning curve for the franchise if you’ve never played it before.

  3. Stay away from the Hori EX2. Wait for a sale from MadCatz or maybe try Maybe there’s someone in the thread for local matchmaking in your area that has a stick to sell cheap?

Everyone else has already addressed 1 and 2. In a nutshell, it is easier to pick up and less execution intensive (at least, until you want to become competitive at the game).

As for 3, don’t get an SE stick. Save up and buy a TE – it’s a worthwhile investment.

86 the SE & get the TE. You won’t be sorry.

Is any TE good? My local gamestop has a MvC2 TE, wondering if I should get that or go for a newer one.

They’re all good.

Just wondering, thanks. Didn’t know if the newer ones had sturdier parts or not.

Think it’s better to pick the MvC2 TE up at gamestop for $130 or wait til gameshark’s sale?

Gameshark’s sale started today and it’s a measly 15% off when the sticks are $160. I would just pick it up at Gamestop or look around Ebay and the Trading Outlet for a better deal.

Correct; every TE stick is made to great quality. If you can get them cheaper online (new preferably, you never know about used imo) I would go that route. I say that because I would guess your local GameStop sells them for like $150, while you can get them much cheaper online.

The Gamestop here marked the MvC2 TE down to $130. Also it’s still unopened. So shall I go pick that up now?

Online would still have to deal with Taxes and Shipping most likely.

At some point, you are going to have to answer your own questions.

Which is better, $130 + tax and not waiting or waiting for a $100 deal and paying shipping + tax? I know what I would do, but I don’t know how much you personally value time and money.

The MvC2 TE has a different default button layout, but that’s easy to change. Any TE is good.

Snag the MvC2 TE.

It does? I did not know about this. What’s the layout on the MvC TE?


The MvC TE’s layout is:

This was done to match the default button settings for XBL MvC2.