Planning on making my first stick. xbox 360

Hi guys,

I’ve been wanting to make a stick since before SFIV came out and the madcatz sticks were all sold out. Then i was looking at people modding those with better buttons and stuff, which just made me want to build one myself instead of buy one. It’s a lot more fun that way and it’s nice to discover a community of people so passionate about it. I have a degree in electrical engineering technology from Purdue, so the soldering and technical know-how should be very doable for me. I do have a few questions and this place seems like a good forum to be apart of.

1.) In my searching I’ve come across a lot of people who make a custom 360 arcade stick from an existing controller, but I never see the buttons for the LT and RT. I assume because they’re analog they are more complicated to turn into a digital button. Am I correct that if i mod an existing 360 controller i will not be able to map the triggers to buttons?..

2.) a.) I do have the madcatz SFIV fightpad, which has RT and LT as digital buttons. Have people successfully made a stick from one of these controllers and mapped the triggers?
b.) Is the D-Pad on the fightpad functionally the same type as the regular Microsoft controllers d-pad? The reason i ask is because of the switch on the fightpad that lets you switch between d-pad, right analog, and left analog makes me wonder if it’s different. Basically, I’m wondering if this d-pad in specific will be a problem to connect to an arcade stick.

3.) Where is everyone getting these sweet arcade stick “cases” or whatever you call them? Not only the cases but these cool “mounting plates” (am i right on those terms?). I’m not too good at woodworking, especially when I’m living in an apartment right now. I see some people clearly made custom ones from scratch, but some others look like they were purchased, which would be ideal for me if available. Any suggestions on what i should put this in would be great.

4.) Are there any solder diagrams for the Microsoft controller, madcatz fightpad, or any other device that is good to mod into an arcade stick?

5.) I keep getting directed to lizardlick, but they’re not taking orders for a few weeks. Any other reputable places for people in the US? I figured they’re all short on parts right now but it’s nice to have more than 1 option.

6.) Anything else you guys think I should know… Like is modding a controller into a stick the best way to even do this? Etc.

Thanks a lot for you help, I’m really looking forward to this project and can’t wait to share it with you guys!


visit that should answer most of your questions.

  1. Yes. Very much so according to hackers.

  2. Don’t use the fightpad since there are cheaper options.

  3. Make them yourself, use an existing case, or buy a case from a custom builder. Norris, Kaytrim, lazeeya, and sillypuddy are a few of the active builders. You can order one from sillypuddy aka Joe right now. lazeeya’s overbooked. For a Kaytrim Kustom or a Norris Arcade Stick, you’ll have to wait until they update their stock on their respective sites.


  5. They open again tomorrow. They ship from Japan, but they’re quite fast. And you get updates here from TheRealNeoGeo aka Per.

  6. slagcoooooooin

1 - It can be done, the difficulty in doing so is based on the pad being hacked. Most people don’t as SFIV requires only 6 buttons.

2a - Yep, it’s dead easy to mod those including the triggers.

2b - Set it to dpad mode and there’ll be no issues.

3 - Mine is a plastic storage box…

4 - Scroll to PCB diagrams

5 - Sorry, I only use UK based gremlinsolution or german based

6 - Read all the stick building threads on here, it helped me a lot!

wow thanks a lot for the advice. Glad i asked cause i didn’t find on my own. Looks like a lot of good info, cant wait to sift through it all!

  1. Most new games allows for remap but some old games or Xbox arcade translations do not. So having trigger buttons available open up for more compatibilities. I have some mod guides here you can use as a reference including trigger hacking.

2a. Madcatz fight pads are in high demand and expensive not worth it for pad hacking, but yes, they are easier to hack for triggers than standard controllers.

2b. Dpad and left analog is 99% the same for fighting games genres. For FPS/RPG/Sims they may serve different functions.

  1. Trading Forum here on SRK is your best bet for nice custom cases.

  2. is the best online repository for PCB diagrams.

  3. Again, trading forum or akihabarashop

  4. Read this tech forum for more tips or advice =)