Planning to be an entrepreneur for ggxrd


I really want to make a business out of ggxrd and I have the capital for it. I’m planning to buy a couple of machines then make a deal with some arcades or hobby shops here. Anyone with an idea how much does a playable set cost? I have a lot of experience with electronics and fighting games in general.

Any help is very appreciated.


Sounds to me like you haven’t even verified the viability of your venture here. You should probably check with the shops about their interest BEFORE you spend the crazy amounts of cash on this.

It all depends what you’re looking for. A cabinet can cost you anywhere from several hundred dollars (used old candy cab that’ll require some sprucing up) to several tens of thousands of dollars for a brand new modern machine. I don’t know on the cost of getting a brand new GGXRD game PCB, but I can’t see that being under several hundred dollars at least.

This statement means pretty much nothing in relation to your goal here. It’s like saying “I wanna sell cars, because I’m a good driver and I get consistently get a perfect $20 pump at the gas station.”

Gotta be totally honest with you: while this sounds like a potentially fun idea, and I commend you if you’re going to go through with it, but it REALLY sounds like you want to do it because it feels cool, and you really have done no research on the product and business at hand here.


Thanks a lot, bro. brb. Will be monitoring this thread.


Do Xrd cabs even work outside of Japan? Sega ALL.NET probably doesn’t even work outside of Japan, like the NeSICA system.


I think with all the recent success with arcades considered…that would be a wise investment. I think I’m Inspired and gonna invest in some AOL or NetZero dial up cause I have a feeling its coming back boys.


From a tertiary source, it seems that you’ll need to dowload the game onto the cab in Japan, and then ship it to the US. That said, we have no idea if ALL.NET games will even work in the US. If it’s like Taito’s NESiCa, it’ll need to check in with the central server in Japan and can only run in that country.


The new way of doing business is Lean Startup and Business Model Canvas (Google both). These both help you model your business and have a canvas to look at on how you are doing without spending a bunch of cash. New businesses are hypothesis until they become proven. You have something unique but need to prove if you have enough client interest to make profit while seeing if the costs and obstacles allow for a sustainable business.


Before you even think about buying machines, you have to do your market research.
Is there even a market for an arcade in your area, did you survey the local populace on there opinions on your business.
Quickest way for a business to fail is to have the local community against you, and I don’t mean the FGC scene, I mean the city/township you want your business located.
All it takes is one cranky Church group to run you into the ground, as they spread news/rumors of your place and sway local opinions.
Because your business centers around gaming you WILL have critics from the get go, you need a way to appease your critics. Perhaps making your arcade a safe family friendly location instead of just a hang out spot for the local FGC scene.

The other thing you have to factor is LOCATION. For every business you need to think LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION.
If you are too far from a main road/route you get no customers. You want your business to be on or near a high traffic area, you want your business to be as accessible as possible.
Especially with a very niche market as an Arcade.

Diversify your business, find out what will bring customers to your business and make them want to come back. If this means having a restaurant on the side, or redemption machines or a retail store then do it.

My last question, forget all your gaming and electronic expertise, what is your business skills/knowledge/experience like?


Sounds like a good idea if your doing your business in japan…

It would be awesome, but sounds super risky, expensive and maybe not even possible


And none of this matters if the machines wont even work because ALL.NET wont let it work outside Japan.


Well I guess that is /thread

I don’t think the Japanese will even make a effort to bring GGXRD cabs to the US unless there a market to do so.
And I do not think all the Chuck-E-Cheese and Dave and Busters in the country would be a enough for a viable GGXRD market in the US.


What really needs to happen is for guys like Sega and Taito to bring their arcade digital distribution systems overseas. This was someone in the States and justify getting a Lindbergh or Vewlix cab with an ALL.NET or NESiCA connection because they know that they can easily purchase and updates games for the cab.


There are some, who have tried to convince Taito to bring over NESiCA here in the US, Taito’s response was apparently “US internet connection is not as reliable and robust”. Considering the main functions of NESiCA service is not just online security streaming, but also online play-related services, I guess they didn’t want to rework the system to refit an infrastructure that’s a hundred times bigger than Japan’s.

That said, if a certain part of TX gets a fiber connection, Taito said maybe there’s room to talk.


Sega on the other hand, well, lol, good luck with that. Most of their cabinets were “for lease” only, so even the Arcades in japan didn’t technically own the games, then ALL.NET and Nesica came along, and constant security check through online made ownership less viable. good luck with that.

i’d hate to say it, but i wont blame the scene/operators here in the US if it ends up being like how Bemani is currently in the US. (fake servers and shit) but that would have very serious, much graver, legality concerns…


It’s not about them “bringing” it over, it’s about Sega / Taito’s US representatives seeing enough demand and requesting the port of the platform.

Which is very unlikely to happen.