Planning to buy the Madcatz SF4 TE fight stick solely for use on the PC



I’ve been looking around shops in my area for arcade sticks for the PC, but none of them had any. At most, they had sticks for the PS3/360.

Finally I came across a store that had a Madcatz TE SF4 fight stick for the 360 (not the SSF4 one), and from what I’ve read so far, it’s a good, high quality stick. Since good sticks are hard to come by where I’m living, I’m probably gonna go ahead and get the stick. Only problem is, I’m getting a stick solely to play 3rd strike (GGPO) and SF4 on the PC (and possibly SSF4 if it ever comes out for the PC) and I’ve got to make sure that the stick works on my machine, or I’d be wasting a load of money on something I won’t ever be able to use (I doubt I’ll ever get a 360).

I did some research and from what I’ve read the 360 version does work well on the PC, although I did find that some people were having problems with getting the PS3 stick to work. So basically, I’m just hoping to get some sort of confirmation from the people here on whether it would be safe for me to get the stick solely for use on the PC.

I’m running a 32-bit Vista laptop, if that helps.

Any help/advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!:smile:


My friend has the 360 TE and I have an SE, and we have played SFIV on PC and Third Strike on an emulator without any problems. If i remember correctly, the PS3 sticks need a driver download to work on PC. I play Third Strike on my laptop with the same OS and never have a problem.


The MC TE for XBox360 works flawlessly on the PC, the PS3 one does only with special drivers. Get the XBox 360 version :wgrin:


It’s not special drivers, the PS3 version needs specific USB ports to work, so it would be safe to go with the 360 version unless you want to go search for a PCI card.


My round 2 works without a single issue on xbox and pc for ggpo, ssfiv and sfiv.

Definitely pick up the xbox version


Thanks a lot for the replies, guys! I’ll go ahead and get the 360 stick tomorrow, looking forward to it!


Hit me up if you wanna play some sfiv on pc

gfwl- theonecr


I’m using a ps3 te and hrap 3 on my pc, both work perfect, but for the te that’s because my pc has intel, so you’ll be better off buying the 360 one, or a hrap 3 :smiley:


That would be perfect. I’ve played Vanilla SF4 with my TE on PC and currently play GGPO 3rd Strike with the stick. although i forgot how to make it work with the PC (for GGPO), it does in fact work; also it’s not hard to set it up I just forgot how