Plasma Sword(DC) Tiers?


Whats your take on the tiers of this nice Dreamcast game by capcom.

got it not long ago and like it more than rival schools PJ

for now, omega seems pretty strong to me



this is a fighting game and he isn’t asking for strategy… why would he need a redirect?


Byakko was god tier
not sure about the rest right now


I was always byakko, hayato and that chick with the rings


Wow. When i saw this thread title I almost nutted myself lol. Actual Plas Sword discussion, fuck the what :looney:. Was thinking about starting a thread ages ago but sadly I know where this one will end up in a couple mths.

Anyway heres a combo exhib of bnbs, loops, situationals, infinites, etc. that I came up with back when I used to play seriously (…all alone :sad: [well mostly]) back on '02 or something.

All (but one) combos are non-plasma field combos and these tend to lean more toward practicality rather than spamming a series of moves repeatedly ala custom combos. I later on came up with some combo variations for RiOn, Byakko, and Zelkin and manged to find a bullshit infinite w/ Jun. Those didnt get added however.

Tiers imo are like (no particular order w/ in rank):

High rank

Jun - toppest imo cus she has lows, kicks and low kicks (that cant be repeled) that can lead to solid damage (using kikosho super); I believe she has the largest combo flowchart and a good portion of it leads to good mixups and launchers w/o fear of being repeled; BULLSHIT infinite if she lands repel into 5AAA or 3A and its also possible to start the infinite from a plasma field combo using jumping rings; Good foot speed; Strong overall; her clone sucked

Byakko - I have to agree w/ 4649 on this one. Despite his shit defense, he has shit like: Instant airdash!? (wtf); Insane foot speed; Good advantage on normals/pokes allowing him to melee his opponent w/ quick strikes; Damaging crouch throw setups; Fire cage super thingy has retarded startup w/ good damage

Zelkin/Zelkin clone (cant remember name)- …this nigga is Storm - straight up :rolleyes:. Flight cancels in strings leaves room for some f’ed up mixup; Dude has lightning attack; An infinite using flight cancel shenanigans; Some solid air mobility (has some weird bugs w/ the airdashes that allows for some random high/lows. Didnt get to experiment much w/ this); Although I think zelly looks uber cool, his clone is probably better because of his super arts (air diving catch has to be crouched while diving strike super has to be blocked high). Plus he has a bug that doubles damage on the air strike super that involves tiger kneeing it (cant remember how this works either…been so long :confused:)

Saturn/clone - another beast char w/ some SICK ass pokes, lengthy and quick lows and circulars; safe blockstrings that pecked away at health; has a loop that generates meter for free; clone version had a bs super that randomly crossed up and was randomly safe on block. I think he had a command throw super too; controlled spacing even when airborne (again, those sexy pokes); saturn got good damage for fire yoyo in combos; good launchers for both that happened to be a kick (means NO REPELLING lol)

Mid rank

RiOn - didnt experiment w/ him in actual battles enough but i know hes solid. akuma dive kicks, whats good?

Bilstein - This man was a maniac when he got off armor mode; retarded damage for plasma field combos :mad:; so-so chains but very damaging and lengthy; armored command throw (kinda gimmicky though); a force to be reckoned with - high mid imo

Kaede - good chain variety; big damage off lows; good range

Shaker - jesus christ, 50% off a command throw? Teleport shenanigans are decent but somewhat limited; good confirm combos into triple step slice move; solid damage; probably low-mid cus his chain options arent that great; his clone sucked

Robots (forget their names too [vector?/beta?]) - god, these chars were pretty damn annoying. Forget who’s who but the bot w/ the laser super art was the slight better of the two. I had small invin startup, did solid chip and was quite hard to punish on block due the friggin pushback!; projectiles out the wazoo that were fast and covered sidestepping; plasma field combos = paiiiiiin; I remember them having a hella fast 5AA combo that was easy to confirm into supers; did they have a dive kick of some sort?; slow pokes and lack of good circular moves probably makes them low mid

B.Hayato - Hes simply better than his alternate cus of his supers (shinryuuuuken! and extendo stab was easy to combo); command throw into solid damage; good variety in his chains; sword extend makes his lows dangerous (setup after comboing into 236A); Im probably being biased cus he was one of my favorite mains.

Claire/Dad? - I dont remember too much about these chars but they were pretty damn easy to use and win with but not to the point where they were broken…just annoying to fight at times. Dad had a fierce super that allowed mashing for extra damage. very painful if all hits landed; moderate to good range on pokes; fast pokes; good circulars; good mixup off rekka specials; Probably high mid (?)


Gore/Lukka - man, i REALLY wanted to like these chars. They have the most unique and obscure play style in the game but in the end its all just gimmicky as fuck. They’re still fun to play. Lukka imo is more solid w/ her safe supers while Gore hits harder w/ his supers.

Grappler dudes - very limited in range and mixups; laggy moves and bad recovery; painful throws; Grenade toting grappler was imo better cus he could chip w/ super bomb thingy and it couldnt be side stepped. plus there where practical combos w/ it; chewbakka grappler had a cheap command throw super that was good for damage w/ little effort; i still wouldnt sleep on these guys cus they can kill you in a few correct guesses.

Rain - not quite as good as kaede. Seems that she ended up w/ the shitty half of the preset chain roster as well as less effective specials. She does however have an extremely painful plasma field combo. Plasma field combos overall remind me of alpha2 bs where you got stupid damage for no work. Not saying i dont use it though lol. Its just dumb for some chars.

Hmmm i probably missed some chars but whatever. I dont even remember the last time i got to play this game seriously with someone. I expect to see some disagreements w/ my tier list. Its too bad theres no community in existence to help revise it rather than me just playing theory fighter w/ the limited exp ive had in the past. Oh well, see you in pg 10 of FGD in a few wks, Plasma Sword(DC) Tiers? Thread

I just looked at the vid again and aside from the trash visual quality, and poor editing…and no sound :wasted:, it’s so amateurish lololol. Taunting after combos is considered taboo nowadays.


Man I use to play this game when it first came out on the Dreamcast but I didnt know it was that in depth…from that youtube video I just saw it looks more than meets the eye. Hot combos thought…still not planning on playing it anytime soon but still pretty cool thats its possible to do stuff like that on the game lol


This is one of the few games by Capcom I wouldn’t mind seeing updated.
But seriously, why do some of you guys have to discuss tiers in every thread?

Seriously, people come on here start a thread and do this.
“I’ve just picked up this really obscure game that no one plays yesterday, I’m really enjoying does anyone mind telling tiers for the game?”



Because tier discussion is more interesting than sitting around stroking a game’s cock?

#10 random gameplay video I found.

I am also wondering how the music changed for the random stages. The jungle stage music is playing for the space port stage.


Ah my bad, I didn’t know this was a fighting game and I almost forgot that this WASN’T the Sf4 thread.


Hayato was in Mahvel so that makes him top tier…


Didn’t notice this the first time I posted and I must agree that this game more entertaining than PJ . To me, Plasma Sword is what PJ should have been. Plasma Sword seems to stress 3d elements a bit more than PJ. You have more emphasis on low/mid/high lvl attacks (w/o the use of floaty jumps), each char has a wide variety of circular strikes (which discourages sidestepping) & vertical strikes (encourages SS), and even high/low lvl throws! (imo Plasma Sword shares quite a few rules and system mechanics similar to Soul Calibur).

Although Im not a fan of preset chains, these are pretty common to 3d fighters (?) as well and with the threat of the parry mechanism one is forced to outplay the opponent by cutting chains short, varying tempo, cycling flowchart, adding lows, etc. While you have PJ…and the mundane magic series chains :zzz:.

Character designs are better for plasma sword too…YES, even if you removed the 3997273 clone chars, the remainder of the cast still has an overall steeper learning curve and a charm (mainly wackiness) that would outlast those of PJ.

…ok, im done PJ bashing . I’m just mad cus it gets way more play than it should while you have other ‘underground/under appreciated’ fighters like Plas Sword that get completely ignored.

hahaha how did i not see that coming. Glad you liked the vid though…I miss this game.

Wellllll, there are actually plenty of vids of ppl getting owned by or beating up on low-lvl AI on u2b. I did however see one actual match vid but it turned out the guys were just horsing around and didnt know much about the game. My hopes climbed only to be crushed by a speedy decent into the pavement of disappointment.

heh, he was probably running a bootleg copy like myself. It would start off w/ the correct stage bgm then jump around to random bgm’s in the middle of the match. Ahh, burning those DC hits were some great times…




Videos of Plasma Sword gameplay in general are scarce, unless someone decides to upload more videos of it.

I am mostly wondering, exactly how balanced was the game. I never got really that in depth into the Plasma Sword to really breakdown the tier levels of the game. I thought Bilstein would be higher on that list due to his super armor shenanigans and Plasma field super [which allowed him to spam even his level 3 super repeatedly], not to mention the advantage he gets when he gets interrupted in the super during the armor mode.

Edit: I am also curious if this or its predeccesor, Star Gladiator was better. The original SG had the ring out, but that was taken out in the sequel for infinity distance. I played that the original SG even less myself, as the only time I got to play it was through emulation.


…I got bored.

Found the official Star Gladiator 2 (jp) site through wikipedia. Briefly explains system mechanics like ‘plasma revenge’ [alpha counters that suck] and ‘plasma reflect’ [works like calibur ‘parry’], shows character specials w/ an explanation about their individual plasma fields and reveals hidden chars as well as specials for them.

Star Gladiator 1 - June Ero vid I found on niconico. Shows all kinds of suggestive shit from throws/grapples vs June. It obviously contributes nothing relevant to this thread but its still hilarious as fuck to take a peek at. Rimgal throw at the beginning owns the entire vid though.
A demo of a generic Luca plasma field combo (?). Nothing special but what really caught my attention in this vid was the image quality :amazed:. This couldnt possibly be the DC version, could it? The image appears to be relatively sharper and polys look a bit smoother. I never played the AC ver before so wouldnt know.


How do you get the videos to even play on that page. Wont work for me

there you go, DavDz. I actually grabbed the link off the akatsuki thread. More ppl asking around about niconico.

Nice av btw lol


It’s all about Green Deejay. :smokin:


…I wonder why this game got slept on so hard and what other titles did SG2 have to compete with back in '99-'00 cus seems that it received very little exposure in US.

…and what ever happened to the thread starter (PhantomSE)? He made one post and was never heard from again lol.


5 stars