Plastation 2 to Jamma Cabinet Setup

I just recently ordered a New Astro City Cabinet and I would like to put a Playstation2 in there and run the games from the Playstation 2. The problem is that I don’t really know how to do this. I know that I’ll need a PS2 to Jamma converter but I don’t know which one I should get. Have any of you guys tried any of these converters:

I know that some of you guys have done this. Hozie for example has this setup on his cab. I’d appreciate any input that you guys could give me. I’m a noob at this type of stuff so if any of you guys could give me a detailed explanation on doing this would be highly appreciated.

Well if you know my name you could of messaged me.

Anyhow. What I am using is the stuff from Ultimarc.

To connect a PS to a JAMMA cabinet you need the following items:
PS Controls Adaptor
PS AV to J-PAC/Speaker Adaptor
J-PAC with PS/2

Total shipped to the US is about $136.

You could buy the J-pac on ebay, but that dude does not sell the PS2 adaptor pieces. I did not want to try that other ps2-to-jamma piece so I went with Ultimarc.

How has the setup worked out for you? Have you had any problems with it so far? $136 seems cheap enough so I will just get the items you have recommended. Would you happen to have a link to a tutorial you followed? Sorry for not PMing you. I didn’t want to be intrusive. Thanks for the response.

hand built, an adaptor shouldn’t cost more than 40 bucks worth of parts.

2 controllers + 1 jamma fingerboard + wire/solder/etc = 40 bucks.

That one from Yaton is going to require some funky mods to the harness or a go between harness to get you extra buttons hooked up to some sort of kick harness.

I’d build an adapter myself but I’m not savvy enough to do it myself:sweat:. I was kind of hoping that there was a simple plug and play type of converter. Thanks for the suggestion though.

The Yaton adapter is pretty good. I have one of these and I’m happy with it. You still need to account for extra buttons, tho. It comes with an extra Jamma harness which is apparently pre-wired for extra buttons. I didn’t use it tho since I’m using a go-between harness like what Taiki mentioned.

So does the Yaton adapter come with everything I’ll need?

Yes. It’s the adapter plus the extra harness.