Plastic box as an arcade stick enclosure


I’ve been looking for a cheap (around $30 or less) and sturdy plastic box/container to use for a project box keystick and arcade sticks in general. It must be around the size of a TE stick, easy to drill using a dremel and have even, flat surfaces. The last one is a pretty big deal because if the martial is flexible or curved then the buttons will sit at odd angles.

I’ve already found one possible candidate for my project Here but I’d like to know if you guys have other suggestions, cheaper, transparent, ect. and other cheapo ways of making a stick.

Tupperware or a dead console shell (PS1 case, original PS2, XBox, NES, etc.)?

i was thinking the same…

live out my dream for me and make a VCR stick :slight_smile:

Not Plastic, but DS / PSP aluminum Carrying cases also make quick and cheap Enclosures for Arcade Sticks.
You can pick one up for 5 to 15 dollars.

Tupperware usually doesn’t fit the bill because most are too soft or have odd surfaces. Which is a darn shame considering how cheap it is. If you know of any that are perfectly flat I’d love that.

The console shell idea isn’t half bad and I saw someone’s avatar had such a stick already now that I think about it. You could even go with a custom case with LEDs if you wanted something really fancy.

Somebody called?

I didn’t have the tools to make this case. Its construction was kinda poor, but it works fine.

Better construction this time. Customer wanted a unique layout of Happ parts for sure. But the customer is always right!

I forgot this one too! Good to see you improved the second one!

squints eyes to see the label These?
If so, defiantly the best deal for a case. I notice the height listed on the site is 3.5 inches though. Does that get annoying ever?

Use your imagination, because any box can be modded into your dream case. Your local used thrift store might have a nice quality wooden box that would fit a stick perfectly. Big-named stores usually have plastic containers for various purposes that you can mod into a case. Check out these forums for some more inspiration.

Try going to Fry’s electronics with a ruler and go down the CD Wallet/attache case aisle. If you can find a hard cd wallet briefcase that is 2 inches deep inside it should do the trick.

Rip out the disc sleeves and get the drilling.|Ideastream|Allsop (CD Storage)|IdeaStream

Not really. Fits American style parts perfectly. I’d recommend American parts more, actually. Much more weight, hold the case better, so it’s sturdy. With some rubber grips, it’d be sturdy.

I’d look for a shorter one for Japanese parts. But, the case was picked out by (and cut out with my now retired soldering iron) by the customer. Then it caught on.