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*Plastic causes a trifecta of problems. We?re running out of places to dump our non-biodegradable plastic waste and it?s clogging up our oceans. Burning plastic releases tons of CO2 into the atmosphere contributing to global warming. And to make the stuff, it soaks up 7% of our annual petroleum use, an in demand, diminishing resource.

Akinori Ito, the CEO of Blest, a Japanese company, has somewhat of a panacea. If plastic is just oil, why don?t we simply turn it back into what it was, he pondered. So the guy made a machine to do it. His solution is safe, eco-friendly and efficient.

?If we burn the plastic, we generate toxins and a large amount of CO2. If we convert it into oil, we save CO2 and at the same time increase people?s awareness about the value of plastic garbage,? Ito told Our World 2.0.

Blest produces the machines in various sizes suitable for more industrial purposes or simple home use. There are already 60 in use across Japan at farms, fisheries, and small factories with some beginning to ship overseas for the environmentally conscious and curious abroad.

One kilogram of plastic waste produces almost a liter of oil while using about 1 kilowatt of electricity.

?To make a machine that anyone can use is my dream,? Ito says. ?The home is the oil field of the future.?*

Now how the fuck didn’t anyone figure this out until now? This should of been invented 20 years ago!


It had to be Japan right?

Though it does seem like a cool idea, I want to see it’s whole energy cycle. Not sure how it would be feasible, considering that refining takes a lot of energy.

The Japanese seem to be like the smartest people. They invented Mario, Final Fantasy, Street Fighter, anime, Zelda, androids.

The Oil Tycoons are going to have their Snipers and carbombs ready at these inventors!

Yeah that’s true… fuck them for slowing progress.

I’m telling you man…anything one country does, Japan will do it better.


Ok heres the deal…
The bottom line is oil refining is cheaper then plastic recycling.
When you are making 10 billion barrels a day, that bottom line is your profit margin, and maxamizing profit is your only goal.
So cheaper = fuck you recycler.
People are willing to burn down forests, make acid rain, blot out the sun with pollution and genocide a people to make profit.
Thats truth.

Its cool that we can recycle plastics into oil and use oil to fuck up the world some more.
But its not super awesome happy fun time like you think.

just like any crazy invention these niggas will get sniped. pfft water powered cars.

The Oil Barons aren’t going to let this happen anytime soon, I won’t be surprised if this story just suddenly disappears…

Remember the guy who made a car engine you could attach to your car that runs on water…Yeah

And also the Electric Car!

The Oil Tycoons and Car Companies wanted to massacre the Electic Car… and they suceeded!

5 more years and the ULTIMATE sexbot will be completed! WITH SCIENCE! HAHAHAHAHAA! Nippon!

I have two problems with your post.

The first, most important problem, is that it’s wrong. Oh, there are Japanese people that have invented and envisioned much, and improved the quality of life of countless others, but so have people from a variety of ethnicities the world over. Please don’t pull the Sensei Rouzu “Japan is better than everyone” card out; it’s not cool.

The second, almost as important problem, is that you quoted Sensei Rouzu, which bypasses my Ignore list and forces me to read his nonsense, telling me what I already know: that he’s a cultural nuthugger and a monstrous dipshit.

Cold fusion was bunk. Not that I don’t believe powerful people (not the Illuminati, which is also bunk) wouldn’t try to impede or outright make disappear anyone who would cut into their profits, but water-powered cars weren’t.

See above.

Dr. B can make cold fusion work, but so can anyone with the ability to manipulate reality. Similarly, if he wanted to, he could make the Japanese the smartest people on the planet and make 98% of anime actually good (which it isn’t), but he doesn’t believe in abusing his power.


:confused: why would anyone want to use water as fuel? this planet has a finite amount of H2O. hydrogen becomes the fuel, oxygen is the byproduct…where’s the kickback? there isn’t any. we ARE aware of how important water is to our own survival right?:wonder: metals are recyclable, organic materials are renewable, water is neither when broken down.

I love how in the video, he’s talking about reducing CO2 emissions while at the same time burning oil for no reason other than to illustrate a point :rofl:

You know it’s not good to have as much animosity in your heart as you do. As your brother I’m only telling you this because I want all my people to do better.

Water-fuelled car - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

All of this is nonsense, since it requires thinking about his claim instead of accepting it, and shaking your fist impotently.

We’ll just pray there is no drought.

I stand corrected, but it doesn’t matter anyway, the process is still inefficient. And i shook both fists impotently.