Platform Features, DLC, Etc (PC or PS3)

So I’ve made the decision that I want to buy this game. And since I would be buying it I would also probably immediately buy all character DLC at minimum as well, and any smaller $5-10 DLC purchases might get thrown in on top.<br><br>But what has me hung up now is HOW to buy SFxT. I am open to either a PC or PS3 purchase, but the differences in feature availability between platforms is very confusing. Additionally I can’t figure out what the total price would be to get the game+DLC for PC vs game+DLC for PS3.<br><br>The most important feature for me is partner play (the ability to play with a fried on the same team) and I also want this as an online play feature. I think I read XBOX doesn’t allow this. Can I do this with both PS3 and PC or just PS3?<br><br>How about DLC characters? Are they all available to both? Are the prices for the DLC packs the same? Or should I be buying the Street Fighter 25th anniversary to get a good deal on SFxT with all DLC? Is all DLC even included in the SF25A box? I’ve heard that it is and heard that it isn’t.<br><br>If anyone can help me out here I’d appreciate it. I’ve tried googling a lot of this information but the price listings are all over, and the feature listings are impossible to confirm on a platform level.<br><br><br>

Every version of the game will allow you to play the game with a friend on the same team however you must own 2 copies of the game and 2 consoles (1 of each for you and your friend). Even the Vita version works with the PS3 and vice versa. The prices for DLC are also identical, I believe its around $20.00. The thing Xbox won’t allow is couch co-op. Meaning your friend cannot come over to your house, be sitting next to you, and play 2 players on the same Xbox. PS3 and Vita allows this (not sure about PC) so you can have your friend with you and you both can go online. <br><br>I’m not sure where you’re seeing price differences, the only difference would be in the game price itself which can vary from retailer to retailer.<br>

Also, if you have the Vita version, your DLC for the PS3 version will be free I think.  The PC uses Games for Windows Live, which is no different from XBox Live so no couch co-op either.<br>

If you’re amenable to trading, you can find other Steam users trading the PC DLC characters for cheaper on TF2Outpost. I was able to get the DLC for three TF2 keys ($4.05) a couple days ago.

So confusing about buying this game and all the extra crap!