Platform reccomendation for Ultra SF4?


Hey everyone. I’m new around here and to fighting games in general. Though I’ve always been drawn to them as a kid, I haven’t taken the time to actually understand them until I revisited them recently. Anyways, with Ultra coming out soon, I figured it’s the perfect chance for me to get serious about a game, but I can’t decide on whether to buy it for PC or PS3. I’d love to own a physical copy, but I don’t know which version will have the highest number of players or if one port will be of a higher quality than the other. It’d be great if someone could offer some insight.


PC version runs the best and can run well on most computers. PS3 will probably have a larger player base, but the USf4 upgrade for PC isn’t coming out until August, and the digital upgrade for PS3 from SSF4 -> USF4 comes out next Tuesday.


PS3 version is coming out first I believe. If Capcom still has not fixed the input lag issue for the PS3, then get it on the PC. If I were you, I would wait and see if the PS3 version is fixed before buying it. I would recommend it for the 360 if you have it.




PS4 you know it’s gonna be out on it sooner or later.

but if you have to choose between PC/PS3. I say PC because you can download other mods for the game that can help you train or change the game up a bit.


PSN has a larger player base by a long shot.


Double post


PC for longevity. I honestly expect for Sony to drop PSN support for the PS3 once the PS4 gets a healthy install base.


PC. you don’t need a super powerfull PC to work perfectly, anyway. Although the game for PC will only come out in August, 8th. So, if you’re impacient, go for PS3. I don’t know how it is the communitty or the game on ps3, though.


i own all of the platforms, but I mainly play SF on my 360


From my experience PC usually only had the same 10-20 people. 1-2 that destroy you, 1-2 that do ok, and the rest are free wins that disconnect on you.


I feel like the connection is better now