Platinum's Combo Pogo-Stick Thing


So, I’m trying to do one of her BnB wall combos and I’m not sure what’s going on here. In this video ( how is he resetting them into a bounce when he pogos them as they’re falling? Is this 22C? When I do 22C I can hit the pogo as they’re falling but they recover and I can’t continue the combo.


Sorry for not seeing this thread earlier, the BB section is kind of buried here.

The timing on her corner BnB is pretty specific. You have to delay the bubble just slightly to catch them right above your head, and then the 6C > 22C timing is character-dependent. You have to delay it the proper amount of time or else 6A won’t connect. You can practice on Tager for easiest results, but Bang/Carl’s stricter timing will work for the entire cast.

Also, here’s a tutorial video by Moy if I wasn’t clear enough: