Plausible that SF4 2013 may be more than JUST a balance tweak. *Still Speculative though*

Capcom’s recently released (Apr 18th) forecast for the future shows that they plan to put DLC at the forefront of their business strategy with an attempt to make more profit off of digital content.

Considering the timing (obviously this whole forecast was put together over the course of several weeks with discussions before hand.) it seems logical that the somewhat surprising turn of events of having an SF4 update would coincide with this new direction for Capcom. Also keep in mind Capcom has specifically stated that they are being vague about the platforms the stuff is releasing on (Points to the idea that they may be releasing another “AE” style disc version and porting the game to either Vita, WiiU, or PS4). Then you have the suggestions forums for changes, and while perhaps I’m reading too much into it, it is worth noting that Combofiend said quote “the skies the limit” in terms of system change suggestions.

Then you have the interest shown from trollNo about the modded version of Rolento. You have the large number of requests to bring the 4 characters from SFxT over to SF4 (Rolento, Elena, Poison, Hugo) and fixing the unblockables may require a modification to the engine itself (Similar to Vanilla to Super or SF4 to SFxT.)

Ono also stated previously that he would want to add more features to SF4 if he ever got the chance to do an update. Now this is of course him saying something he’d WANT to do, that doesn’t mean that it is something he got permission to do.

All together there is a fair amount of circumstantial evidence and plausibility to the idea that this may be a more in depth update along the lines of AE or even Super rather than something like AE2012 or even SFxT 2013.

Can’t wait to win Championship Mode by using Really Angry Seth’s new Ultra 6.

I’m hoping for it too, specifically the “more features” part. Only time will tell though.

Still worried by the thought of more characters being added BUT I’m down for just about any other additional content they wish to add and would be willing to pay to get it.

Theres no way this game needs more characters. We don’t need MORE matchups to learn, its already insane, especially if you play multiple characters.

If this is a pay update it is pretty much a sure thing there will be more characters. If you look at Capcom Unity’s system changes thread, it is requested in near every post it seems. The worldwide capcom character popularity poll suspiciously held just before the announcement of a 2013 update seems to strongly point to this as well.

If there is a new version so ends the Yun/yang edition, i mean Akuma complaining(cough)cammy, what I really mean is the Arcade Edition v12 era, ahh goodtimes…
Online training mode… please…

Because SFIV is an established and still very active game, Capcom’s required investment to return them a decent profit is quite minimal. There’s a bunch of easy wins to spin some easy cash on of this top too. For example, I’m surprised how many people remain happy to drop cash on (non game altering) costumes and cosmetic stuff also. Fine by me - if its a means for SFIV to prove itself as a still profitable franchise (therefore something Capcom maintain interest in), so be it.

The most interesting part is how they have been quite vague about exactly what they intend to release as an update. It is especially cool that they are requesting community feedback on system changes in addition to just character specific suggestions also. The scope of this update remains a bit of a mystery with their next official comment on the direction they plan to take potentially being an eye opener.

I’d personally like to hope it reinvigorates people’s interest in the game, though at the same time I feel those of us who still enjoy the game still get amped up when SFIV takes the stage at majors. An update to what we still enjoy will hopefully beef this up even further.

I wish they would clarify the direction this thing is going soon though. I can only wade through so many requests to stuff I know has no chance in hell of happening (MK9 esque story mode, 12 new characters, ect) while maintaining my sanity.

Breaking news: a very vocal few are upset about change.

The vast, vast majority of people recognize that the game could use some freshening up and that means some new characters. This would bring a large infusion of new players into the game and also help to even the playing field a bit in terms of introducing some new uncertainty. If the developers succeed in removing unblockable, that will clearly change the entire dynamic of the game at medium and high levels.

Factor into it that this is likely going to be paid DLC, then clearly** it’s a necessity **that there be new characters.

Also, let’s not forget that change has really only led to mostly positive things so far in this game. It’s fair to say that since the game was launched the game has become more balanced (this despite characters being added) and more enjoyable overall.

Change is good, folks.

Oh yeah, as a Dhalsim main, the change from Super to AE was fucking awesome. I was also super excited about AE2012. I’m sure Capcom is going to continue to make great design choices with him moving forward.

On a non sarcastic note, after the last two updates, I don’t think Capcom is going to get any more money out of me on SF4. It just hasn’t been fun for the last two years.

For me as a Hakan player, both changes were great. Dhalsim character design combined with the fact that the zoning game isn´t strong as it was in ST(he also dealt more damage and his meter gain was very fast) will always give him very bad matchups. Dhalsim won´t be Dhalsim without his 3-7s or 2-8s. Oh and the FA also shits on him. He still works great against certain chars, however the overall metagame isn´t favourable for him. Sim will still get mauled in this game, even if he gets buffs, so the numbers spell disaster for Sim. Isn´t meant as a provocation, but I don´t see much hope for Sim in this game.

39 characters is huge for a fighting game as it is and its quite frankly a miracle that its this balanced, why can’t we be happy with that? I’ve already had to pay an extra $15 to download AE after the store clerk (understandably tbh) sold me SSF4 by mistake. I’m not exactly thrilled at the idea of forking over yet another $15 just to play the current version with Super Saiyan 5 Ryukuma thrown in. No thanks.

I would pay $15 to play Poison in SF4 though. Just sayin’. She never fit in SFxT…

I would pay 15 bucks to play Rolento. More choice is always better.

New version will be stand-alone, full-price boxed copies, no PC release, new characters and features are all DLC. Calling it now.

As I said in the post on capcom unity. I’d be open to new characters on the condition that Capcom put in the time and effort to normalize everything. No more characters with different wakeup timings. No more procedurally generated hurtboxes causing random whiffs due to reeling animations. (Seriously, is it so hard for them to just place manually set hurtboxs like they used to do in every 2D game to prevent that kind of crap?) no more Guile/Balrog pushing people out due to wonky placed pushboxes.

If they add more characters they NEED to cut down on the character specific stuff that players have to memorize. I shouldn’t have to remember whether I can perform a BnB on Blanka or not. Or have to come up with a safe jump setup JUST for Adon.

Now I hate the idea of learning new matchups, but other than that, for the people who are asking for new characters and act like it will only make the game better:

Don’t you think that new characters could fuck up the game balance? I mean why bother balancing an entire game only to introduce new characters that could possibly shit all over the cast like AE Yun & Yang did? There’s no way to know how powerful the characters are until they’re used by the community, come on people look at the big picture for once.

Imagine an S Tier Rolento who’s a paid exclusive DLC character that you can’t take to training mode for free? That’s fucked up in so many ways it’s not even funny.

Could it fuck up game balance? Absolutely, but I’m not worried about it. A) I have confidence that such an issue could be fixed rapidly, and B) There is no precedent for what you’re describing in this game, so why assume doomsday scenarios?? Possible, yes, Likely absolutely not. Capcom has shown demonstrably to not just be able to competently introduce characters, but also to make the game MORE balanced with time. Sounds like a no lose situation if you think about it critically.

“I have confidence that such an issue could be fixed rapidly”

And what exactly makes you think this won’t be the last update SF4 ever gets? Specially with how Next gen consoles will be out later this year.