Play and Traid Tournament Va beach Virginia. BRING IT!


Saturday May 23rd

Play’n Trade
2201 Upton Dr.
Va Beach Virginia 23454

6pm (will start on time!)

**$5 venue fee
$10 tournament entry **

Street Fighter 4
2 out of 3 rounds
2 out of 3 matches
double elimination
$50 $25 and $10 added store credit plus a 70% 20% 10% pot split for 1st 2nd and 3rd.

and FREE PIZZA for tournament entries.

AND $1 raffle to win a PS3 TE stick on May 17th! Check out the venue and throw a dollar for relay for life on the 17th and you could win a TE stick. (A 200 dollar value on ebay!)

Beat that with a stick! I dare you!

Joe S
Bad Lt.


oh shit son. Im gonna try to get that night off now.


whats play and traid?


I understand Street Fighter is serious, but please don’t bring the Chinese crime syndicates into this.


There’s one major reason why I’m not sure if I should support this venue:

Guile-players should get in for free. That’s fucked up that you make them pay to get in. Thats like having a 2-story mall with NO ELEVATOR for the handicapped people in wheelchairs. I’m writing to my Congressmen if this doesn’t get resolved.

Cheers, fuckers.


Nice to see some support for SF4 in Hampton Roads. I’ll definitely try to make it out.

Is it PS3/360/both? How did the one on the 18th turn out? Videos? :slight_smile:


ill be out i thikn we should try a team format :looney:


yes do teams!!!:wonder:


We always say we wanna do teams, but usually never do.

You could try…

Step #1.) Get the “okay” to do a team tournament at venue.
#2.) Get a list of everyone that’s willing to be in teams.
#3.) Using the list in step #2, forumlate teams over the internets (in this thread) so there’s no dickin’ around about having partners.
#4.) When everyone arrives to tournament, collect the [media=youtube]4LPxnPnk86c&feature=related[/media] for teams at the same time as singles, to encourage people to stick around since most people who say “O YA SURE I’LL PLAY IN TEAMS” seem to leave right after singles anyway. You can always get your money back if something comes up.
#5.) If step #3 could not be acquired, then the participants have the entire duration of singles (or whenever teams start) to forumlate their team. If you can’t find a team because nobody wants to play with you since you suck or play anchor-Guile or whatever, then you can always get your money back.


Anyone know how to edit the topic title when you create a new thread… I miss spelled something cause I was on the phone,talking to people on aim about games at my place and watching someone play SF4… Sorry my bad.


I’ll def be there again with my rocket launcher if I don’t manage to make a slimmer stick in time.


what day is this thing?


Aim, you should see an edit button at the bottom of the post. near the quote i think.
Can we get “confirmed” players in the first post as well?

Also, very important! the raffle for the SFIV TE stick will now be held on the 17th! its for relay for life. the tickets are only a dollar! that’s 1$ dollar folks.


As players confirm I’ll add them to the top post. So whose confirming?


go go go! it would be cool to play new people from the 7 cities.

videos -


i’m there!

pre-reg ftw


Sign mah ass up. 23rd is pay do so i know ill have the cash to burn :sweat:


Damn this is on graduation weekend, probably can’t make it