Play as Gill?

I was playing xbox live and was able to play as Gill. I was just wondering if there was a way to play him normally

You must have really gotten lucky! According to what I found out, you have to beat the game (3rd Strike) with every character first, then “Gill” will be unlocked. I don’t know anyone that’s actually done it or can confirm though.

Yup, beat the game with everybody and he’s unlocked. Easiest way is to set the difficulty to 1 star, rounds to 1 and damage to max, but dont touch the system directions settings or it wont work.

Another way to play as Gill is to use Twelve and X-Copy him, that was to only way to play as him in the arcade as there was no way to unlock him.

Too bad, it won’t be worth it, because Twelve sucks.

^ Shut up.

Anyway, beat the game with all characters with standard system direction. Then marvel at how incredibly not fun it is to play as Gill.

Afaik with Live, if 1 person has him unlocked, then both can play as him. The guy you were playing against probabley had him unlocked. Picking Gill on live is beyong lame though, as he’s god tier.


Why is a new member of srk trying to answer a serious question?

thnx tho i always just play the game with the diffuculty up so thats prolly why i haven’t unlocked him yet.(Not tryin to brag. Everyone knows its easy.)

You haven’t got him because you haven’t finished it, and SAVED it (grr) with everyone.

I found it annoying, since I hate playing the AI.

But unlocking Gill allowed my lower-skill friends to give me a challenge. It wasn’t a chore to play them then, haha