Play-Asia Coupon Thread


As best I can tell we don’t have one of these. There’s one on Neo-Geo and the Shmups forum so why not?

Post here if you need a Play-Asia coupon or have one to share. When you receive a code after placing your order come back to the thread and help the next guy.



I’d be interested in this also. Great idea!


Thanks. I got one yesterday and put in an order. Once my next coupon comes in I’ll be back.

The Official Qanba Fightstick Thread (New products Coming)

So anyone got any coupons? Really want one so I can get my Qanba Q4 stick.


I could use a coupon :slight_smile:


yea, any coupons would be helpful!


I need a coupon, will gladly use your affiliate link in exchange.


Checkout the P-A promo code thread on in the deals section.


that’s a great idea.


Play-Asia affiliation link :

5 USD off, minimum order 50 USD
Expires 23 July 2011


@Takahashi I want to use this code. Is it one-time use or can everyone use it?


One time I think.


Thanks ^^


Yeah Kyle, good shit! :tup:


it’s been awhile since I’ve ordered from P-A. I think I’m going to have to order something.


i’ve got a $5 coupon from play asia that expires on june 13 if anyone wants it!hit me up fast :wink:


^^^got my order in already!

heres the coupon, I just ask that whoever uses it please use my link cause I’m broke and every penny helps!



id almost like I’d trade a stick for a free shipping coupon lol


Got a fresh Play-Asia Coupon. If anyone wants it, send a PM.

Edit: Given to Chavelo.


I used a code on the thread (apple arcade’s i believe) to order my Qanba Q4 and i wanted to put back into the system. Here’s my code:


Keep the thread going guys! It’s a good idea.